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Testing Inbound/Outbound SIP Calling
We are trying to test inbound/outbound calling for our organization using B24. It says there are free minutes for testing but testing is failing. It now says 'buy the module to make outgoing calls".

Do we need to purchase this to enable testing your platform?
Call transfer/conference; notes during call
I am surprised that you are offering a soft phone, that is supposed to be used for business that can not add another extension to the call or transfer the call to another extension.
Call Reports, See quantity of attempted calls made, amount of minutes per agent and overall team
Is it possible for a sales manager to run a report that shows the daily/weekly/etc. call activity of a specific sales agent or a team of agents?

For example:
- minutes of phone time per user (using b24 dialer) and/or entire team over a given period of time (day/week/etc)?
- call/dial attempts per user in a given period of time
- quantity of notes put into the CRM by a certain user/team over a given period of time?
Connect SIP PBX - test before purchasing SIP connect
I am testing the SIP connector as a final measure before we move our company over to B24. I have followed all the steps for "Connect SIP PBX", I have enabled SIP connection with our cloud voip provider, I have put our credentials in per our providers suggestion, upon saving, it doesn't say connected under "Connect SIP PBX" it only says connected under "connect to your number" despite that I have connected even gone into those settings.

I attempt several test calls and I keep getting the message: Your balance is too low to make calls. You can add credit to your balance in "[url=]Telephony Settings[/url]"

We are using voipblast (have an account there).

There settings are:[TABLE][TR][TD]SIP port : 5060 [/TD][/TR][TR][TD][IMG][/IMG] [/TD][TD]Registrar :[/TD][/TR][TR][TD][IMG][/IMG] [/TD][TD]Proxy server : [/TD][/TR][TR][TD][IMG][/IMG] [/TD][TD]Outbound proxy server : leave empty[/TD][/TR][TR][TD][IMG][/IMG][/TD][TD]Account name : your Voipblast username[/TD][/TR][TR][TD][IMG][/IMG][/TD][TD]Password : your Voipblast password[/TD][/TR][TR][TD][IMG][/IMG][/TD][TD]Display name/number : your Voipblast username or voipnumber[/TD][/TR][TR][TD][IMG][/IMG][/TD][TD]Stunserver (option) :[/TD][/TR][/TABLE]
I am entering as the server and not (although I have already tried this)

Please help, this is the only thing holding us back from migrating.
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