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CRM Message Stream and Activity Events
But upcoming event can be for example traditional incoming letter and such event should be shown in activity stream.
CRM Message Stream and Activity Events
[QUOTE]Lucio Groch wrote:
Hi there Yana.
Please allow me: the "Event" should be shown under "Activities". Not showing it does not make any sense, don't you guys agree?[/QUOTE]
I agree, that "event" should be shown in Activity Stream.
CRM Message Stream and Activity Events
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopets wrote:
[QUOTE]Does this send a message to the individual or only put the message in my activity stream? [/QUOTE]
Hi Adrian, this option adds notes to the Activity Stream - nothing is sent to the client[QUOTE]Event Type "Information", nothing appears and I'm taken to the History Tab[/QUOTE]
Yes, History is available in the Plus plan.


Is it possible to see all events for example "Information" in activity stream ?
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