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Bitrix API, Documentation
Is it possible to sync the leads list through the API? For example, automatically adding leads to it through the API when they appear our internal database.
And when leads are updated in Bitrix24, is it possible to send the changes back to our company database?
Wiki Index Page
Agreed! I'm liking everything about Bitrix24 except for the wiki implementation. This is the only thing holding me back fr om upgrading to a paying account. What I'd like to see is something more like a typical "wiki". In other words, when you click the "Wiki" menu, it should not only show the index page contents, but it should show a list of all the categories and pages, in a hierarchical "Tree" format. Usually this shows in a nested sidebar on the left, and is always visible. Clicking page in this list will then show the contents of that page. It is counter-intuitive and time consuming to have to click "Categories", then "All Pages" in order to view and access other wiki pages.

It is also counter intuitive to use the "Specify Category" icon in the toolbar of the wiki page editor in order to set a category. There should be a field labeled "Category" or "Choose Category" somewhere else on the wiki page creation form. Another option that many wiki's do is instead of using "categories", you just specify wh ere in the hierarchy/menu you want the page to appear.

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