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Email sending from Bitrix24, The email window
I also support the External SMTP - it'll solve us the problem that we have right now for about 2 weeks that we've noticed it - mail checker used to rate Bitrix emails 2 points below our direct mail ones (7 and 9 out of 10 possible respectively)

But now it's down to 1 and clients complain they do not receive our messages. This is not the way we want to do business especially since we're a paying customer and a partner

Please try to analyse the number of requests you actually get and the number of clients actually using the Email in your CRM section to contact clients. All of them have this problem, just not all of them are tech savvy to realise the reason. The other part may realize the problem and see that you have not resolved this issue for years now and simply quit the service never becoming a subscriber

We get emails every day to help people start using Bitrix but we can't use it ourselves...

You have a very powerful tool and the fact that email actually does not work in it ruins it - apart from tasks and lead processing, being able to call and email clients are the CORE crm features

Looking forward to hear from you!
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