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[QUOTE]Yana Prokopetswrote:

Thanks for your observations, I'll pass them to the devs. Unfortunately we don't have short-term plans for WiKi area improvement at the moment.



Thank You for getting back to me, shame you have no near future plans for Wiki but at least I know what to expect.

Kind Regards,
Wiki Index Page

Can you please give us some update and possible roadmap dates and how Wiki is going to be handled.
This is critical part of system for content/knowledge management and same as all people above, at the moment I find it unusable.

Few things, which should hopefully not be that much of an effort, need to be improved:
- already mentioned navigation pane (three view) on the left side of the screen
- better categories management
- category button on actual Wiki Page
- and critical for any Wiki implementation in my book - auto suggestions! at the moment you need to know exactly the name of the page you want to reference in another Wiki page. This is really making life hard as even one typo will make a red link for new/non existing page

I really like Bitrix but Wiki needs to be better to get my money I'm afraid.
I really hope we could get at least part of the functionality you can find in Confluence.

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