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Invoice or Quote Handler, How to create a new handler
Hi Yana,

Thank you for the documentation you pointed me to.

Let me rephrase my question a little bit.
What I want to do is to translate in French the fields that appear on the invoice/quote so that the invoice title will not be "INVOICE" but "FACTURE" (facture means invoice in French).
And I am guessing that for that to happen I need a hold on the handler.
If it is not possible to edit the actual handlers to do the job I am willing to create a new one given that I know how to do it.
Could you help me on that please ?

Invoice or Quote Handler, How to create a new handler
Hi everybody,

I am relatively new to Bitrix24 and I really like the product so far. But I am struggling with the invoicing system.
I have to do my invoices in French ( I am using the cloud solution) and I think there is a way to go around it with DocDesigner.
So my question is:
- What is the role of the handler (if somebody has documentation about it please point me there)?
- Can I create my own handler ( I am guessing that the handler is where Bitrix24 manages localization)?

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