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What benefits you found moving from Cloud to SelfHosted?
Mine has been a horrible experience.  I started on the Free version, then I purchased a Professional subscription but still found it limiting as I wanted to make my own web forms.  I was advised to go to BizPace.  So I purchased that, and support from a gold partner in NYC.  Since then I have not had a fully working site without errors, I've been able to do a demo for clients, however since it has not configured properly...not everything worked.  Already over a year has gone by, my subscription of updates is expired, and it has been unusable, I wasted money on the license, AWS hosting, and support cost.  
At least the cloud version is reliable despite it's limitations.  Support from these resellers who don't know anything has been a nightmare and waste of time and money.

Do not do it, use cloud or look for other solutions there are plenty out there.

PS.  I am still waiting for a resolution to this and it's been since March 2nd since I contacted the Gold Partner and I still don't have a running site.  It should take only an hour to wipe the instance, and setup a new image.  
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