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Select date in calendarSelect date in calendar

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Set Time Zone, Set Time Zone
I have selected the correct time zone within Bitrix, however, when I have synced my Google calendar, all appt times are off by 1 hour.  How do I fix the time to be the correct time for the appt within Bitrix?

Adding a task to a group of contacts, Adding a task to a group of contacts
I have a group of attendees for a seminar I taught that I would like to:
1) import into the contacts section without having to add one at a time - is this an option?
2) create/schedule a task of "Follow Up Phone Call" for each contact - is it possible to create a task for a group?

Thank you!
Copy a Task List, Task List
I've created a task list with subtasks, how do I copy the entire task with subtasks?  This would be a task that would reoccur and need to be scheduled as this task is needed.  So to set up to repeat would not be an option.
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