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CRM: Integration with Send&Save
My mail server uses Pop3 for incoming mail, but SMTP for outgoing mail. Can I assume therefore that the send and save integration will not work unless the outgoing mail server is pop3?
CRM: Integration with Send&Save
[QUOTE]Ann Slyshkinawrote:

[QUOTE]EP Global wrote:
I wonder how can I ins ert an Image to the email? It seems like that it doesn't work...when i paste the file path, there's a small image block there but the real image never shows up...
I sent an e-mail with an image added to the message text using the 'Image' tool to a CRM contact. I didn't face with any problem. The link that I put into the 'Image' feature was to an image located at some site.
Please create a new ticket to the Helpdesk and describe in details how you are trying to ins ert the image to the e-mail and what browser you are using. It would be quite useful if you attach some screens.
[QUOTE]Jonathan HORYN wrote:
we want to send the same email to approx. 120 contacts in our CRM
It is possible to send the same email to several contacts from CRM.

1. Create an e-mail template
CRM > Se ttings > E-Mail Templates
2. Filter contacts as required in the Contacts list page and sele ct the 'Send message' option at the actions bar below the list.
CRM > Contacts.  
3. Choose the e-mail template in the message creation form and send the e-mails. They will be delivered individually (recipients will not see each other's addresses).[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]Evgeniya Boykowrote:

Emails are attached to deal only if they contain "Service code" or the title the message begins fr om "[DEAL#12345]", wh ere 12345 - deal's id.

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