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Features: Better Microsoft Integration (, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8)
New to Bitrix, just created the account and started to explore the features.
Everything looks great, but really a Windows Phone 8 app would be a must.

Consider this. If you have to supply a mobile device for every employee to be able to use bitrix, WP is the obvious choice pricewise.
iPhones are too expensive, and cheap Android devices are a total nonesense.
WP8 on the other hand, performs great even on low spec cheap devices. Not to mention the Office apps that you get for free with WP8.
I'd say that any manager on a tight budget would choose WP8 for his platform. I know that it is common to use cheap android devices, but I see the regret in peoples eyes after they've made that mistake. They have two choices, either switch to more expensive and capable Android devices, or just turn to WP8.

I really hope to see a Bitrix app for WP8
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