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Lost content when moving folders in My Drive, We made changes to our folder structure by dragging and dropping folders in My Drive and lost all our content
We are new users of Birtrix24 cloud version. We have set up our business with three users. Each of us has folders in our individual 'My Drives' and most of these are shared with all three of us. One of us leads with the folder creation in My Drive and shares with the other two.

We encountered a problem we need the Forum's help with.

Yesterday our lead decided to consolidate some of our folders by dragging a few of them into some main folders to create sub folders.
We do understand that My Drive is a space for each user and not a shared drive between all users.

Some extra information

[*]He had created and owned all the folders and their content which he had shared with us
[/LIST] was doing this in the Bitrix24 folder in Explorer on his desktop (not in Bitrix24 directly or the desktop app)

The problems:

[*]We lost all the files fr om any folders wh ere moved (they were in the recycle bin in Bitrix24)
[*]The folders were no longer shared
[*]When the folder were re-shared the on the others users systems they do not reflect either the previous version or the up to date version on either Bitrix24 directly or on Explorer/Findre - in fact
[/LIST]on my system what I have on Bitrix24 when logged in is now different to what's in my Bitrix24 folder in Finder

As we are a new business we all want to be able to create folders and files and share them. Importantly as we develop we will need to update our folder structure.

Did we do something wrong or is this how Bitrix24 works?

Thanks for your help
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