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Tasks templates
When will this be added it has been promised for ages?

Don't want to know that your considering it, just need a firm date when it will be available in the self-hosted version.

I have just received an email to say prices are going up, well until shared task templates are available I will hold back on renewing.
Tasks templates
No that wont work for me either, I don't want a project for each template, my templates are to cover more generic repeatable tasks, like a computer build.

Guess we go back to waiting for the patch, hope it turns up quickly as I wont be renewing my self-hosted license if not delivered by March as I think over 2 years to wait for what is a simple feature is just too long when it was promised this year!

I am sure an admin will be along in a minute to tell me my vote has been recorded (again) and that its a complicated system but changes are planned for sometime in the future....
Tasks templates
Whilst we continue to wait for this feature to be provided.....

Dylan are you able to share details on how its done via the business process?

Mails don't start, Invites and other mails don't arrive to persons
I had to create a site cluster (single host) and then it allowed me to specify the SMTP to use, this was all done from the console.
Edited: John Fitton - 06/05/2015 21:17:26
Tasks templates
Having updated to the latest version, I appear to have the follwoing
Checklists within tasks
Cope a task with sub tasks
Create a template with sub tasks and then create correctly.

How do I share templates with other users?
Tasks templates
I am repeating what is mentioned above but Tasks need the ability to
Share task templates with others
Create checklists within a task template
Copy a task with sub tasks
Create a task with subtasks from template, whilst I can create a template with a parent task, it doesn't show it correctly in the task list, it only shows the parent task with no subtasks.

This seems to have many votes and feature request outstanding for a while, when will it be addressed?

PS I am using the self-hosted version
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