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Document names, file, document, naming, name
When uploading a document, one has the option to provide a document name. However, this name is pretty useless as in "Files", the "name" column refers back to the original file name, not to the name given during the upload process. Furthermore, when editing a file, one cannot change the name originally provided - the field is missing.

It is certainly useful to be able to provide and display names instead of using file names (which should only be used in case no name is provided), so it is unfortunate that this feature does not appear to be implemented correctly.
Column width, files, column, width
In the "Files" section, it appears that it is not possible to change the width of the various columns. This is especially unfortunate because the "Description" field is the narrowest field of all default fields, even though it is the one that for many users contais the most content. On the other hand, fields such as "modified" and "by" are way too wide - they will likely never contain that much text as to fill the available space.... Can the column width be changed to more reasonable sizes?
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