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Workgroup file to show Published files only to members
Hi Yana,

I have already contacted the helpdesk before posting on the forum but have yet to get a reply. I was just hoping someone else might know the answer.
Workgroup file to show Published files only to members
I have set up a new workgroup to manage a project, and as part of that, I want to use the business process for document approval to control what people in the group can see.

I have set up a business process so that when a document is created/upd ated, it changes the permission of the file to denied for members of the group, and only change it to edit once the file has been approved by a moderator.

I have tested the process and the only way that it appears to work (only showing published documents in the folder) is if i se t the folder access permission for the members to "read", "limited edit". The issue with this is that I still want members to be able to upload documents to begin with and this configuration mean they will only be able to edit content that has already been uploaded.

Does anyone have any ideas if I have done something wrong with the permissions, or if this is "by design"?
How to modify the "My Workplace" Menu?
Hi Yana,

I am looking to do the same thing. I have looked at the menu setting manual but it does not tell me which file that line actually resides. Can you tell me where to root left menu file is as I assume that is where the menu line resides. Failing that can you tell me which permission i need to change to disable to mail option for everyone in the my workspace menu.

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