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Select date in calendarSelect date in calendar

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Mobile Device Calendar Sync Problems, Company Calendar won't sync with employee mobile devices.
Yes, we too need the ability to see the company calendar to show things like "Company Closed Today" - for the whole company to see, vs. creating a personal date and inviting the ENTIRE company to the Meeting/Task/whatever, etc. to get it to show up on the calendar! Please fix this.
Contacts field not showing up on Company page, Even though it is enabled, not hidden and there is a contact connected with the company, the contact field does not show.
We are having the same problem on all of our computers this morning. We can see the address listed below a company, but if we click EDIT then the address boxes completely disappear. If we save it or cancel editing, then the address is visible again. Nothing is hidden and we clicked RESET and still the same results. And, if we add a new company there is nowhere to add the address of the company. Thanks for the help.
CRM:Removing the menu items on the top
Our scenario worked well - we needed to hide "Quotes" and "Deals" from a set of users, that needed access to just Leads, so we created a new role and then "denied access" to those two features, thus the 2 sections don't appear along the Top Menu for those users. Hope that makes sense.
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