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Select date in calendarSelect date in calendar

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Date of most recent activity field
What is the status on adding this feature? We are currently evaluating alternatives and will likely be moving to a different CRM platform if Bitrix is unwilling to add this simple but much needed functionality.
Turning off "You have an email..." notifications
Every time the CRM email address gets an email, I get an email notification and I would like to turn these notifications off. However, when I go to "configure notifications" I don't see any options to turn off notifications for new emails. Is there a way to turn these off? I get a ton of emails and half of them are ones that I'm sending and cc'd the CRM email address so I would really like to turn these off.

Thank you in advance for your help.
Date of most recent activity field
I was surprised to learn that there is no way to sort contacts or leads by the date of the last activity associated with them. Can you add a field that shows the date of the most recent activity associated with the contact or lead? Alternatively, you could allow us to select an option that causes the system to update the "modified" date every time a new activity is associated with that contact or lead. This is a common feature in many CRM systems and is a very easy way to see which contacts or leads haven't been contacted lately. Is this a feature that is already planned and just hasn't been rolled out yet?
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