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Date of most recent activity field
Please add my vote to this. You already have the "modified" option in the list view but it does not function the way that most users would expect. Simply make "modified" update the date based on any lead/deal activity created by the bitrix user and this will function. Otherwise, add a new option and name is "last activity" which would have the same functionality that I just mentioned. Thank you in advance. This is pretty important for lead management.
New Activity Doesn't Change Modified Date
I would like to also request the ability to truly sort by last activity..this is a pretty basic but critical component of lead/deal management
Wufoo forms integration, automatically create leads from order forms
I do not see that you currently have an integration with Wufoo forms. Can you please advise if it is possible to setup a way to have my user submitted order forms (created with wufoo) automatically import into Bitrix as new leads.
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