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CRM: Reports
Hi there,

I am finding Bitrix24 very useful. Not just words, Absolutely useful for our Company. Thanks to Bitrix for that.

A general query about reports. See the attached image. The values are fine in the deals section. Only while generating reports, the value is showing high. Can you please help us fix this? Thanks in advance.

How do I remove deals,invoices,leads buttons in crm
Hi there,

I am finding Bitrix very very useful for our Company. I am having a small question.

In CRM generally, Leads come first, then only Companies, contacts & deals. But in my CRM area, I find the leads icon in the dropdown menu only. Can I hide the search button and re-arrange the other cons as per our requirement? Your reply is highly appreciated. And Thank you very much for offering this CRM to the World.
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