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Not able to sync files by Desktop app
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopetswrote:
Hi Louis!

Please noet that Desktop app Disk synchronizes only My Drive section files & folders to special "Bitrix24" folder created at your computer. If you need files or folders to be synchronized to your computer as well - you need to add them to your "My Drive" first - use option "Connect to Drive" in folder or file menu.



Thank you for your reply, Yana.
But I still can't find where is the option "Connect to Drive".
Does it in the webpage or the desktop app.
Would you mind show me some photos about this option?

By the way, I previously haven't attempt this action. However, files can be synchronized.
After certain day, it stop synchronized. So I am trying to fix this.

Not able to sync files by Desktop app
I want to use the desktop app to sync files from my company shared folders.

However, I can only see folder names in my PC without any files inside.

I just re-install the desktop app, so i guest I am using the latest version.

Photos in my PC.


Actual record in the company's share drive.

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