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Email not working
This is already enabled and pressed by default. Email does not work. Please dont tell me to keep checking checkboxes that are already checked and pressing buttons that are already pressed by default. email does not work. Can someone log into my system and fix this. email does not work.

*** correction, tagging individuals works but with multiple groups and multiple members, this is very inconvenient. How do I get it working as intended, one announcement to all group members?
Edited: Admin OnlineClassCoach - 12/26/2014 17:58:37
Email not working
Edited: Admin OnlineClassCoach - 12/26/2014 05:17:01
Email not working
So default system behavior is no email notification on new announcements for all members of the group until they are specifically tagged individually? So the only way for a group member to get word of an announcement is if they log into the system. If they never log in, they never know whats going on?
Edited: Admin OnlineClassCoach - 12/25/2014 17:09:04
Email not working
How can I get email notifications working? tagging individuals just isnt feasible.
Email not working
I linked my godaddy email by changing mx records and following instructions. It says it's linked. I created an extranet group, added some dummy accounts to the group, and used my mail account to send out an annoucement to the group. No email notification was send or recived about the announcement I made to group. Need help.
Edited: Admin OnlineClassCoach - 12/23/2014 19:38:15
Working with freelancers, Best group and announcement method?
1. I work with a ton of freelancers and want them in different groups according to category so I guess an intranet or extranet group will work although I'm still trying to decide which.

2. The main ability I want is to notify everyone in the group when we have a new project available and for them to apply for it. Announcements look cool but do they have to be logged in to get it? I'd like an email and/or sms message option to be sent for fast response.
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