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Locked out of account after doing a factory rest on my phone

I just asked this on live chat but have received no response even though it shows that my message was read almost immediately...

Hi. Where do I ask a question about getting access to my account after I've done a factory reset on my phone. I use  two-step authentication and have installed both apps onto my phone again but the phone app wants a one-time code as well as the BT24 account on my laptop which would be fine but the Bitrix24 OTP app needs to scan my QR code first before it can give me the OTP but I obviously cannot access this QR code because I can't get into my account because I need a OTP. How do I sort this catch-22. I'm using your free cloud based version.  

I also provide the details asked after posting this in live chat. I provided my BT24 URL, my name, my mobile number. I also posted my email address.
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are already using Bitrix24