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Bitrix24 doesn't send emails unless we open bitrix24 webpage
[QUOTE]Gary Mould wrote:
Just a follow up for those experiencing the same issue...

The support team has told me that it is considered correct behaviour to NOT receive email notifications unless you are logged into the Bitrix24 site.

Personally I think this defeats the object of email notifications, as surely their main purpose is to notify the user that they need to visit the site? If you are already logged in, you are probably aware of the activity and do not need to receive an email about it.

I consider this to be a major flaw in the system as staff will simply be unaware of potentially important tasks until they remember to log-in.[/QUOTE]
According to me, you are completely right. I think they should consider this as a problem and fix with an update. If there is any place that we can write our recommendations, I will be appreciated.
Bitrix24 doesn't send emails unless we open bitrix24 webpage
we have a domain on We don't get emails or notifications from anywhere, unless one of us opened its bitrix page on web. This is so weird because if we have to open our network page to get emails, (there we can get site notifications too) why do so called email notifications exist?
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