Free collaboration tools

Free collaboration tools

Meet Bitrix24, unified collaboration platform with over 35 tools. What does unified collaboration mean? This means all tools that you typically use to collaborate with others - social network, email, chat, video conferencing, file sharing, online document editing - are available to you in one place. Fully featured Bitrix24 is 100% free for 12 users and unlimited user plan is only $99/mo.
  • Basic features

    • 35+ free collaboration tools
    • 12 users free or unlimited users for $99 a month
    • Cloud (web based) or your server
    • Open source code
    • API, mobile apps (Android & iOS)
    • Content management system
    • Flat design
    Free social collaboration tools
  • Enterprise social networking

    If you've used Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks, you'll pick up Bitrix24 in no time. Activity stream, likes, following, posts, comments - it's all there. And since Bitrix24 is an enterprise social network, your activity steam can also be used to create tasks, award appreciation badges to fellow co-workers, edit documents, create company wide announcements, hold online meetings, create polls and do other work related activities.

    Free social collaboration platform
  • Real time collaboration - chat and video

    Real time collaboration tools are essential for success. Bitrix24 gives you instant messaging, group chats, web telephony, video calls and videoconferencing. These RTC tools work across different devices and platforms (Mac, PC, Android, iOS). If you want to hold online meeting from a cafe using your mobile phone - you can. Chat in Bitrix24 comes with searchable history, file sharing and ability to embed images, including GIF.

    Real time collaboration tools - chat and video
  • Document collaboration - online and offline

    Bitrix24 supports both online and offline document collaboration, using Google Docs, Microsoft Office online, MS Office, Open Office, Mac Pages and other solutions. You can edit document online simultaneously with other users. File sharing is extremely easy. Plus, you get Bitrix24.Drive which is essentially your 'Dropbox' inside Bitrix24, synchronizing files and providing access to them across different devices. Unlimited cloud storage is available.

    Free online document collaboration tools
  • Workgroup collaboration

    Workgroups inside Bitrix24 let you create tasks and projects. Importantly, tasks, subtasks and projects are unlimited even in the free Bitrix24 plan. As are checklists, Gantt charts and todo lists. Extranet workgroups can be created if you want to involve outside users, such as clients or freelancers, and give them limited access to your account in order to collaborate on a specific project.

    Free project collaboration tools
  • Calendars and planning

    Personal calendars, group calendars, company calendar, absence calendar - in Bitrix24 calendars come in various shapes. You can schedule events, both public and private, plan vacation time, use daily planner, book meeting rooms, subscribe to calendars of other employees or workgroups and do much more. Importantly, two-way synchronization with Google Calendar and Outlook is supported.

    Collaboration tools - shared calendar
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