Team collaboration software and tools

Team collaboration software and tools

Team collaboration is essential to success of any organization. And with 25+ free team collaboration tools, Bitrix24 is exactly what you need. The cloud version is free for unlimited users and if you want to buy on premise software editions of Bitrix24, you get source code and CMS. What is Bitrix24?
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  • Basic features

    • Team communication tools
    • Team collaboration tools
    • Team file sharing
    • Team calendars
    • Team messaging / chat
    • Unlimited free users
    • Cloud and on premise
    • Open source code, API, CMS
    • Mobile app for iOS and Android
    Free team collaboration tools
  • Team communications

    Thoughtful collaboration starts with communications and Bitrix24 comes with a number of team communication tools centered around you own private team social network. Create posts, discuss ideas, attach files, make polls and surveys, comment, follow, mention your @coworkers and, of course, we have 'likes'. Learn more

    Team communication tools
  • Team email

    Team email tools inside Bitrix24 come in different shapes and sizes. If you'd like to keep using your current webmail, email connectors for Gmail, iCould, Hotmail, and other providers are available. Email server inside Bitrix24 lets you attach your own domain name to Bitrix24 account and manage emails for all your team members from inside Bitrix24. You can also create addresses at no charge. Bitrix24.Mail comes with unlimited disk space, free antivirus and antispam. Learn more

    Team email tools
  • Real time collaboration for teams

    With instant messaging, team chat, video conferencing all your team members can collaborate in real time using computers, browsers, smartphones and tablet PCs. Push notifications help you react instantly and on the go. Learn more

    Real time collaboration for teams
  • Team documents

    Bitrix24 lets you store, share and edit team documents inside and outside your Bitrix24 account. Importantly, you can work with documents using both online tools, like Google Docs or Microsoft Office Online, as well as your local office suite (Mac Pages, MS Office, Open Office, etc). With Bitrix24.Drive the latest version of your document will be available to other members of your workgroup as soon as you click 'Save' on your computer. Learn more

    Team document management
  • Team tasks

    Bitrix24 lets you create unlimited projects, workgroups, tasks and subtasks. Bitrix24 takes project management seriously. You get Gantt charts, check lists, task templates, repeating tasks and extranet workgroups where external users, like clients, contractor, freelancers and business partners are able to get limited access to your Bitrix24 account in order to collaborate effectively. Lear more

    Free team task management
  • Team calendars and planning

    Team calendar? Personal calendar? Company calendar? Absence calendar? Bitrix24 has got it all. Bitrix24 makes it easy to plan team events and hold online meetings. Your team members can subscribe to as many calendars as they need in order to stay informed. Learn more

    Free online team calendar
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