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The new Bitrix24.North Star is packed with new features designed to navigate your business safely through the storm and uncharted waters.

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Mobile CRM

Our new mobile CRM is more than just an extension of the web version. It’s a full-sized, full-fledged CRM that you can use to manage clients and sales right from your smartphone. In fact, you don’t need to set up the web version to get started with our CRM – the mobile version has everything you need.

  • Create custom fields in a CRM entity
  • Create sales pipelines
  • Edit stages
  • Create sales tunnels between the pipelines
  • Receive calls from your client (if the external telephony is enabled)
  • Follow the deal history and activities in Timeline (including listening to the recorded calls and editing the deal on the go – fill in the fields, edit stages, etc.)
  • Focus mode: deals with recent activity get featured on top of the list
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For sales managers/business owners:

  • Launch CRM in one tap from your smartphone
  • Easy to coordinate sales reps
  • Manage your sales reps at any time that’s convenient to you

For sales reps/agents:

  • A must-have tool for direct and door-to-door sales – all the information on your clients and deal is always at hand
  • Always in touch with your clients

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New mobile tasks

Mobile tasks is a useful app that helps your employees to work in a team and complete their tasks on time while you, as the business owner (or your project managers) can control and coordinate projects easier.

  • Quick task creation from smartphone
  • Communication inside a task (new comments get highlighted for better visibility)
  • Task focus mode: when a new comment is added to a task, it gets pushed to the top of the task list
  • Improved task design + optimized UI
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Proactive CRM

Enter the first-ever CRM that actually helps sales agents to sell. The concept of Proactive CRM means that our system reminds your employees of scheduled and unfinished activities in CRM, prompting them to take action.

  • Activities for today
  • Focus mode
  • Reminders for activities in deals
  • Counters for inbound and urgent activities
  • Counters for employees
  • Improved user scenarios

For sales managers/business owners:

  • No need to collect complicated reports from your sales reps
  • You can easily see your sales reps’ activity and their plans by simply looking at their counters

For sales reps/agents:

  • Helps to prioritize deals, especially for the newcomers
  • Our CRM will always remind you of what needs to be done and when
  • Proactive CRM helps sales reps to become more proactive too
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This is a new e-signature tool available to you inside Bitrix24. With its help, you can get any document signed online, even right from your CRM – quickly and easily. It’s that final little push your agents need to seal the deal and make the sale happen.

  • Create a document for signing from a file (doc, jpg, etc.)
  • Add fields (to be filled in by the sales agent who prepares the document and the two signing parties)
  • Create and save your own template (with all the client data pre-entered, the only thing that’s needed is to sign and/or seal the document)
  • Send documents via email, SMS, WhatsApp
  • The signing parties can be identified via email, SMS, WhatsApp
  • Certificate of Completion (automatically created and attached to the signed document)
  • Kanban board for the document signing process (with stages)
  • No need for the signees to create a Bitrix24 account
  • Sign documents right from the CRM (all the required fields get filled in automatically based on the data from the deal)
  • Low-code automation
  • Document integrity check
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What makes Bitrix24.Sign great?

Saves you plenty of time by autofilling fields in the documents for signing
Saves you time that’s typically required for signing a document: no need to send physical documents back and forth
Less chance that something goes wrong
Saves you money (through not having to use paper and/or courier services)
Fast, legal, and secure – must-have for every modern business
Unlimited number of documents even on the free plan
Helps to close deals faster
Helps you waste less paper

New Bitrix24 themes

With a bunch of new, colorful background themes in Bitrix24, you can always pick the one that matches your mood and style.

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Enterprise pack

A full set of digital transformation tools for large businesses and enterprises, this is Bitrix24 on maximum settings.

High-performance enterprise cluster

  • Up to 10x faster server performance
  • 99.95% SLA guarantee
  • Increased REST API performance
  • Real-time 24/7 infrastructure monitoring

Multiple branches

  • Centralized branch management for the whole company
  • Custom access permission for employees from different branches
  • Every branch has it own, independent CRM
  • Switch between branches in one click

Login history

Login history contains data on all login attempts to your account: time, geolocation, device type/platform, and browser. This helps to keep the account secure and protect personal and corporate data from unauthorized access.


Access permissions in catalog

Determine the optimal level of access for each of your employees. You can decide who will be able to create new products, edit existing products, edit prices, apply discounts, and so on. Access permissions in the Bitrix24 Catalog can be used to:

  • Prevent certain users from being able to create and edit products/prices, apply discounts
  • Easy access permission setup for different user categories (Sales reps, Sales managers, Stockkeeper)
  • Create your own categories with a set number of access permissions
  • Prevent certain users from viewing the wholesale prices
  • Restrict a user’s access only to the warehouse they work in

Services in catalog

Now, you can separate services from products in your Catalog, making it easier to browse and manage. The same holds true for documents in Deals – you can have a separate set of documents for products and another one for services.


New Bitrix24 desktop app

for Windows and macOS 14.0

First-ever Bitrix24 app that supports Apple M1 (ARM)

Download history + download menu (pause and cancel)

Improved AI background processing during video calls

Lower energy consumption

Bitrix24 desktop app now available for Linux

Great news for Linux users – now you can use a Bitrix24 desktop app that’s fully optimized for your operating system.

New features are already waiting for you inside Bitrix24!

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