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7 layers of protection of Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is the most secure collaborative cloud solution. Your data is highly secure and accessible only to you and your colleagues.

Your Data is Safe

Even in cafes, airports and other places with public WiFi connections, passwords to Bitrix24 cannot be stolen. Users can confidently open Bitrix24 in public places through WiFi or mobile network connections.

Bitrix24 is accessed exclusively through an SSL connection, from intital authorization to the downloading and uploading of company data.


Reserve copies of data are created daily.

Proactive Protection

Bitrix has over 10 years of experience in providing the highest level of security for web projects. Bitrix24 benefits from all of this experience and technology, including Bitrix' own proactive Web Application Firewall, which categorically blocks the vast majority of attacks on web applications.


Two independent and geographically distant datacenters.

Technical Details

Operating system

At the level of the operating system, the Bitrix24 web server is behind a firewall where all ports are closed with the exception of those which are used for system purposes. Technical access to the server is carried out exclusively through Bitrix subnets.

Web server

A specialized server environment which does not allow write access to the local file system is used along with a customized PHP module which ensures isolation among users and security of user data.

Data storage

All data centers used by Bitrix24 are protected in compliance with SAS 70 Type II (which includes access to the physical storage media based on biometric data and maximum protection against intrusion) and conform to the Safe Harbor standard. All user data (files and data bases) can be encrypted in a separate Amazon (EBS) storage. Likewise, regular changing of the encryption key is possible.

Data transfer

Data transfer for all users is carried out via an SSL-encrypted connection (with a 256-bit key).

Browser level

Authentication data sent by a client machine can be encrypted using JavaScript and and RSA key. Additionally, OTP (one-time password) technology can be engaged in conjunction with an eToken.

Data isolation

User data (data of each company/client) is separated at the database and cloud storage levels. The data of different companies is isolated in such a way that there is no possibility of receiving access to access of another user by accident.

Application level

Bitrix' proactive protection blocks 100% of web attacks attempting to use application vulnerabilities. Malicious users do not have any opportunity to load malicious code via PHP. The web application conforms to WAFEC 1.0 standards. Access to Bitrix24 is provided to users (companies) in complete isolation from other users with passwords encrypted via double md5. Limitation to specific subnets and logging of potentially threatening activity is also possible.