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A unified online space for remote work

With COVID-19 spreading across the globe, businesses have been faced with the challenge of finding ways to operate remotely. It’s our biggest hope that this pandemic will be over soon, but for now, the best solution for most companies is switching to a remote working environment.

It’s pretty understandable that most businesses aren’t yet prepared for such a drastic change. The vast majority of companies don’t have a fail-proof plan on how to organize and re-structure their internal processes to set up an effective remote workplace.

But it all really comes down to having the right set of tools. Our offices at Bitrix24 have also been affected by these new conditions, and if our software didn’t provide everything we needed to shift some of our teams to remote conditions, things would have been a lot more difficult to navigate.

We’d like to make your transition easy, too. Bitrix24 comes with all the features you’ll need to make the move to collaborating remotely as smooth and comfortable as possible, while ensuring you stay connected to your team at all times and in full control of all work operations.

Because of this, we’ve decided that the best way that we can help businesses is by removing the 12-user limit on our free plan to allow for an unlimited number of users.

Advanced sales tools

Workflow automation

A unified online workspace

Remote work

Unite your team and collaborate on tasks, share documents, manage projects, control all work processes and have full control over your client base in the CRM.

Collaborate with your team using Bitrix24

Tasks & projects

Help you plan and stay on track

Create and assign new tasks in one click and keep track of deadlines. Use Gantt charts and Kanban boards to have full control over your projects, even when working remotely.

Chats & videoconferencing

 Help you stay in touch and establish effective communication

Keep the entire company connected, in the office or at home: send messages, make video calls, create private and public chats, and set up online staff meetings via video conferences.


Helps you sell without meeting in person

Take control over communications with your clients – all calls, emails, chats in messengers and live chat widgets are saved inside your CRM for easy access.

Company structure

Helps you see your company at a glance and find any person with ease

If you need to get in touch with a colleague, find them quickly and easily using the company structure. Having everything sorted visually helps you find the department or employee that you’re looking for in seconds.


Helps you work with files and documents

Keep all your work files in one place and ensure important documents never get lost again. View files straight from the activity stream, without having to download them. Edit them as a team using MS Office, Google Docs, Office365, or LibreOffice.


Helps you quickly organize any event

Pick a date and time that suits all attendees and schedule a meeting in seconds – whether you’re meeting on- or offline.

Activity stream

Helps you stay up to date on what’s happening in the company

Stay updated on company news, view comments and new files, and make posts. Nurture a sense of community and involvement, even in remote conditions.

Knowledge base

Helps you manage company info

Keep a record of important company information and ensure all your colleagues have access to this data. Onboard new employees hassle-free.

Mobile app

Helps you stay connected wherever you go

Find all the tools you need to organize work processes from start to finish – right inside the Bitrix24 mobile app:
- Private and group chats
- Voice messages
- Voice and video calls
- Activity Stream
- Tasks
- Notifications and comments
- and share docs and files via chat

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