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New in Bitrix24 Telephony: Missed Calls Processing

New in Bitrix24 Telephony: Missed Calls Processing
Yuliya Skorobogatova
September 28, 2018
Last updated: March 2, 2020
We have added new ways to process missed calls in Bitrix24 Telephony. Now you can select the next step if none of the selected Bitrix24 users answered the call.


  1. Enable voice mail.

  2. Forward call to employee or to specified number.

  3. Ask your client to hold on and wait for available operator. You can also select hold music in “Number preferences” section. As soon as an employee in the queue is free, the call is sent to this employee.
  4. If you select this option when “To everybody” call distribution is active, unanswered calls will be automatically ended and added to missed calls list.

  5. Forward to another queue group.
  6. If this option is chosen, the call is forwarded to another group after the time specified in the “Number of rings before forwarding a call to the next user in queue” section. If all the employees in the main queue group are offline, the call is forwarded to another group immediately. This option is available to commercial plans subscribers only.

  7. You can also end call.
Also, you can allow call interception in this queue group. You can configure the intercept dial code in Telephony Settings section. These groups are also used when configuring IVR.
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