Task automation

Bitrix24 features a variety of task automation tools to help you optimize your workflows, save time, and increase efficiency.

Easy, no-code setup

Configuring a task automation rule in the Bitrix24 task automation software takes only a few minutes and does not require any programming skills whatsoever. The whole process is super intuitive and visual.


Wide choice of operations

You can automate a wide range of standard, routine operations like creating a task, changing a stage in Kanban, changing task status, changing the assignee, sending a notification or email to a particular employee, and much more.


Integrated with CRM and other Bitrix24 tools

Tasks can be automatically created based on certain triggers and actions in CRM (e.g., when a deal is moved to the next stage, a new task is created for an employee to prepare and email an invoice to the client).


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Task report automation

Bitrix24 features daily/weekly reports that you may collect from your subordinates, which makes it easy to manage their work and track results.


Easy to set up

Create a new task (or pick an existing one), set the interval, start date and end date, as well the time when you’d like this task to be created (e.g., every Friday at 5 PM), and it’s done!


Automated deadline

You can specify the time period in which a task needs to be completed so that Bitrix24 will automatically set a deadline when that task is created by the system.


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No-code RPA

Setting up an automated workflow in Bitrix24 takes less than 30 minutes and requires no coding skills required whatsoever – the whole process is visual and super-intuitive.


Workflow automation

Our RPA is designed to help you make a standard business process run without your input. These automated workflows can be used to take a document through all of its approval stages, assign tasks, send emails, and so on.


Easy to monitor and supervise

Monitoring an automated workflow in Bitrix24 is easy since all the details are shown on a single dashboard. You always know which stage a process is currently in, and if there’s something holding it back, you can step in and fix the problem.



Bitrix24 comes with several dozen integrations available in Bitrix24.Market. You can also create your own apps using our REST API.

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