Grow big with Bitrix24 CRM

Connecting businesses with customers, Bitrix24 CRM is designed for growth. Convert leads and grow your revenue effortlessly. Manage sales with ease and provide exceptional customer service.
1. Find new customers

Lead acquisition is made easy in Bitrix24 CRM. You can generate leads via a multitude of channels, including website, phone, or social media, and have them added to your CRM system automatically.

  1. Customizable CRM web forms
  2. Advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google
  3. Bulk mail, SMS, IM, telemarketing campaigns
  4. Migrate data from another CRM
  5. Easy CRM data upload via a csv file
  6. Import contact from vCard, Gmail, Outlook, etc.
2. Organize and manage your leads

Once you acquired enough leads, it is time to sort and qualify them. Use our built-in lead scoring tool to see which prospects your sales reps need to focus on and assign them automatically.

  1. Automatic lead and deal distribution
  2. Rule-based lead qualification
  3. Custom sales stages
  4. CRM duplicate control
  5. CRM access log and change history
  6. Restore deleted CRM records from recycle bin
3. Create, automate and win deals

Create custom stages for your deals and move them down the pipeline manually or automatically, using rule-based triggers. Choose between different deal views to find the one that works best for you.

  1. Custom deal stages
  2. Rule-based deal automation
  3. Turn deals into invoices/quotes
  4. Deal counters & reminders
  5. Calendar, Kanban and List view
  6. AI scoring to predict deal success probability
4. Collect, store, and manage customer data

Navigate easily through your CRM records and find the right customer data within a few clicks. Configure access rights for CRM fields when you want to make certain fields invisible (e.g., deal amount) for specific users.

  1. Visual pipeline CRM management
  2. 360-degree customer view
  3. Role-based permission management
  4. Customizable CRM access rights
  5. Search filters for leads, deals, contacts & companies
  6. Rules/triggers in leads and deals
5. Automate your sales funnel

Configure your own, custom sales pipeline and move deals through each stage using Bitrix24 automation rules and triggers. Save plenty of time and hassle while focusing on what’s really important - converting prospects into paying clients.

  1. Customizable CRM automation rules & triggers
  2. SMS and email appointment reminders
  3. Autoresponders
  4. Recurring deals & invoices
  5. Document generator
  6. Webhooks and app triggers
6. Leverage omnichannel communication

Reach out to your potential and existing customers via the most effective channel - whether it's Facebook, email, phone calls, SMS, push notifications, or messengers. Provide exceptional CRM customer service and nurture your leads.

  1. Multi-channel CRM contact center
  2. VoIP telephony
  3. Advanced CRM marketing tools
  4. Calendar inside CRM
  5. Appointment scheduling
  6. Confirmation and reminders
7. Make informed decisions based on hard data

Bitrix24 CRM comes equipped with the Sales Intelligence module where you can track actionable metrics from your marketing campaigns. Analyze your marketing costs and ROI to determine which marketing channels, campaigns, or even keywords are delivering the best return on investment.

  1. Advertising ROI reports
  2. Comprehensive end-to-end CRM analytics
  3. Employee performance reports
  4. Call tracking
  5. Keyword analysis
  6. Report builder
8. Generate repeat sales

Using our CRM Marketing module (also part of the Bitrix24 CRM), you can run email marketing, SMS, telemarketing, voice broadcasting, and Facebook/Google retargeting campaigns directly from your CRM.

  1. Client segmentation (static and dynamic)
  2. Campaign templates and statistics
  3. Repeat sales campaigns
  4. Sales generator
  5. Bulk messaging
  6. Retargeting in ad networks
9. Sell online and collect payments inside CRM

Our CRM store gives you e-commerce capabilities without any extra work. Display your products, accept online payments, manage orders or shipments right for CRM.

  1. Products and inventory
  2. Payment processing
  3. Orders and delivery
  4. Real-time payment tracking
  5. Accept payments via card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay
  6. Receive orders via phone, live chat, or social media
More Than CRM, More Like an Online Collaboration Suite

Being a part of the Bitrix24 ecosystem, our operational CRM is cross-integrated with the rest of the Bitrix24 tools to give you a complete online collaboration, automation, and marketing platform - a single platform to run your business on.

Instead of dozens of processes, activities, and document flows often happening randomly and chaotically, you will get a single, streamlined process - done from start to finish. For the CRM price that’s $0, you will finally get a tool that gives you, the manager, a clear picture of your sales and quick access to any piece of information or data you might need.

  1. Tried, trusted, and loved by more than 8 million companies around the world
  2. Praised by industry professionals and critics
  3. Easy to set up and use, no learning or training required - even for those new to CRM
  4. 100% FREE to start, unlimited number of users per account
  5. Ideal for remote sales and teams that work from home


Bitrix24 comes with several dozen integrations available in Bitrix24.Market.
You can also create your own apps using our REST API.


Getting started with Bitrix24 CRM is easier than you think - if you have never used a CRM system before, here’s all you need to do to achieve instant results:

  1. Create a free Bitrix24 account and complete the registration process
  2. Choose CRM as your main tool
  3. Open CRM in the navigation menu
  4. Add a new lead (if it’s one of your prospects) or deal
  5. Enter the information about your lead or deal and click SAVE
8,000,000+ organizations have chosen Bitrix24