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HubSpot is a platform that offers HubSpot CRM Free, Marketing Hub, and Sales Hub options. HubSpot CRM is a freemium cloud CRM service announced in September 2014 during Inbound Conference. According to the vendor's web page, core CRM features are available in a CRM Free plan. However, to get a variety of marketing and sales features will cost from $50 per month to $2,400 per month or more (depending on the number of users). HubSpot does basically everything that other software (like Bitrix24) would allow you to do but they do it in one platform. They are part MailChimp, part WordPress, part SEO platforms like Moz or Ahrefs all stuck into one tool. So, if you like everything in one spot, HubSpot CRM will work out nicely. If you want to publish posts, look up SEO topics, get detailed profiles on your users, or even set up funnels HubSpot is a great tool to do that. Another bonus is a freemium model that lets you use the entire CRM for free. However, if you do want all of the features, the full platform will cost you over $1,500 a month, which is somewhat expensive, especially for small businesses, which prompts many of them to look for an alternative. Now, there are plenty of HubSpot CRM alternatives on the market but we wanted to focus on one of the less obvious (but nevertheless great) ones, which is Bitrix24 CRM. Let’s see how they stack up against each other in our HubSpot free CRM review!

Using Bitrix24 as Free HubSpot CRM Alternative

Bitrix24 provides a comprehensive CRM for both small and large businesses. In addition to being very straightforward and easy to use and learn, Bitrix24 CRM offers a wide variety of tools to help you find new clients, activate new sales channels, and optimize your marketing budget. Not only does the Bitrix24 CRM allow you to store information about your clients and organize it the way you like, but it also helps you to understand your sales pipeline better and find ways to optimize it. Similar to the HubSpot CRM, Bitrix24 CRM is not a standalone product that’s just there by itself - it is tightly integrated with the other business tools available in the Bitrix24 ecosystem, including the ones that help you grow online sales - like Website Builder or Sales Intelligence.

HubspotCRM Pros

Although HubSpot is a system that's better known for its marketing automation capabilities, it also features a rather advanced CRM system. HubSpot CRM allows you to track your sales pipeline, your opportunities, assign probabilities, track tasks, and more. If you are wondering is HubSpot CRM really free, the answer is yes. The great thing about HubSpot is, even though it's not a super robust or super complex CRM system, it is available for free to users and it's HubSpot’s way to hook you into their platform so that eventually you might use the marketing automation system that you actually have to pay for. In addition to being free and rather simple to use, another strength of the HubSpot CRM system is that it can be great for small businesses that are looking for basic CRM capabilities or that just want to try out a CRM system. HubSpot can be a great place to start since it ties into marketing automation so, if you have email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, blog posts to your website, landing pages, etc., HubSpot will allow you to take those marketing automation processes and the leads that come in through marketing automation and go straight into your pipeline.
Here are some other HubSpot CRM advantages we have been able to identify:
  • Marketing automation
  • Hubspot integrations
  • Modern design
  • Core CRM

HubspotCRM Cons

As great as it is, HubSpot free CRM does not come without its flaws. Arguably, the biggest one is the limited functionality. If you're a complex organization or you have a large sales team or you're a high-growth organization, HubSpot CRM can be pretty limiting as you're getting a bare-bones CRM solution with not that many bells and whistles.
Here are some other downsides of HubSpot CRM that we have been able to identify:
  • No access to source code
  • No self-hosted option
  • Free Plan limitations
  • Annual payment required

Using Bitrix24 as Hubspot CRM Alternative Gives You the Following Advantages

If you are looking for a free HubSpot CRM alternative, available both in cloud and on-premise, with a wide range of features including built-in telephony, quotes, invoices, sales reports, and advanced features besides CRM like social intranet, HR system, project management system, with open source code access on top of that, Bitrix24 makes a perfect choice.
Here are just of the features you are getting with Bitrix24 CRM:
  • Free to start for an unlimited number of users
  • Available in both cloud or self-hosted versions
  • Source code access for the self-hosted version
  • 35+ cross-integrated tools
  • Telephony/PBX
Here is a table with a side-by-side comparison of Bitrix24 CRM and HubSpot CRM features so that you could have the full picture and make an informed choice.

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