Project team collaboration

Working on a project is so much easier when you have all the right collaboration tools in one place, and that’s exactly what Bitrix24 gives you. A built-in team messenger, online meetings, file storage, online documents, task management, and more.

Efficient communication

Create a chat, invite your team members, and start messaging! Follow chat activity via notifications, or turn them off if you don’t want to be distracted.


File sharing

Share images, videos, links, documents, and other files with your colleagues in the chat. Have occasional fun by leaving reactions and posting clever GIFs.


Chat history search

If you ever need to find a message or document someone posted a while ago in the chat, you can always do it using our smart search.


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Ideal for remote work

Get your team together for a quick online discussion wherever they are. Share your screen, send over files and links, and enjoy crisp clear audio and video quality even with slow Internet connection.


Secure connection

The connection is established via an encrypted data transfer with an SSL certificate, which means your video calls are completely secure and no one will ever get access to them.


Video calls in one click

You can quickly set up an online meeting from a chat, task, calendar event, or even a lead or a deal in Bitrix24 CRM – a really useful tool for task management collaboration.


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What makes Bitrix24 better than 99% of other solutions on the market?

  • Replaces all your current SaaS solutions
  • Free forever for unlimited users
  • Easy to migrate your data from other systems
  • Integrated with all your favorite services and apps
  • Used, loved, and trusted by 15,000,000+ users worldwide
  • 100% flat fee: predictable costs, no per-user pricing

Comments in tasks

You can leave a comment under a task in your workgroup or reply to comments left by others. This is a great way to discuss task progress and exchange opinions with your teammates.


Likes and reactions

Too busy to write a comment? Just let your colleagues know you’ve seen and understood their message by simply leaving a like or choosing an appropriate reaction.


Task status summary

Even with 100+ comments under a task, the assignee can always pin a comment that contains a task summary, thus signifying the completion of that task.


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Ideal for online collaboration

Store important files and documents, co-edit them online, and quickly share them with your team and external users. Create a group folder for your department or project and invite your teammates to collaborate online.


Custom access permissions

Certain files and folders in your company should not be accessible to everyone (e.g., whether it’s your top-secret project data or sales figures). With Bitrix24 Drive, you can restrict access to such files and/or lock them to avoid accidental changes.


Integrated with popular apps

Bitrix24 Drive allows you to edit documents online via native integration with Google Docs, Office 365, or MS Office Online. If you already have some files stored on your Google Drive or Dropbox, you can easily connect them to your Bitrix24 Drive and migrate the files in just a few clicks.


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Convenient collaboration with external users

Invite a client, contractor, freelancer, or any other external user to your Bitrix24 account by simply sending them a link and start collaborating in seconds.


No need to create a Bitrix24 account

External users in Bitrix24 don’t need to create an account to be able to view tasks, read comments, upload files, and performs other actions you deem appropriate as administrator.


Customizable access permissions

External users in Bitrix24 have limited access set by the account administrator. You can decide whether they can write comments, assign tasks, view documents, etc.


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Easy way to work with tasks

Anytime you feel like you might want to re-use a particular task in the future, feel free to save it as a template. This will help you save time on filling in all the task details in the future.


Templates with sub-tasks

In addition to the task name, description, assignees, and other parameters, you can also copy all of the sub-tasks and add them to your template.


Repeat templates

Sometimes it makes sense to have the system create certain tasks automatically (e.g., monthly reports) – and Bitrix24 task management software allows you to do just that.



Bitrix24 comes with several dozen integrations available in Bitrix24.Market. You can also create your own apps using our REST API.

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