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Grove Group
“As a large company with over 1,000 employees, we were looking for a software solution that would help us communicate and collaborate efficiently, and Bitrix24 turned out to be exactly what we needed!”
Hélder Barbosa
"We were able to reduce the costs by dropping other tools that we now don't need to use because Bitrix24 integrates multiple solutions in one platform."
Felicitas Fein
Project head coordinator
"As a teacher training project at a university, we may not fall into the category of “typical Bitrix24 users.” Regardless, we would like to share our experience of having used Bitrix24 project management tools for slightly over 6 months, what made us choose this product and how we benefited from using it."
Jörg Geißler and René Ulrich
"We have been using Bitrix24 for 8 years as an internal communication platform connecting approx. 40 of our branches"
Myriam Doria
Chief Technology Innovation Officer
"Thanks to Bitrix24 our work will be even more efficient"
Peter Krummenacher
"We were convinced by the clear and logical structure of Bitrix24, as well as the many options for integration with other software"
Daniel Venegas
"We chose Bitrix24 because it was far superior to other software that we had used previously"
Denise Cintron
Owner / Operator
"Thank you for creating a user-friendly program that meets the needs of many small business owners"
Sam Eng Sun
Group CTO
"We chose Bitrix24 because it has a very simple pricing structure"
Mr. Pham Xuan Tung
Vice Director - IT Dept.
"I found that Bitrix24 is the most suitable software for our needs"
Joarder Md Rezwan Hossain
Director & Senior Accountant
"It’s a complete solution for marketing and promotion"
Ismaeel Hazouri
CEO and founder
"We made the best choice when we went with Bitrix24."
Arlon Alvarenga
Co - owner
"Thank you Bitrix24 for creating a wonderful all in one collaboration tool, helping our business of 2 feel like a business that's run by 100!"
Andrea van Bezouwen
Intranet Coordinator, FRoSTA LLC
"Many employees immediately began organizing numerous work & project groups. They are now communicating internationally and collaborating on documents without having to resort to unsightly e-mail newsletters or time-consuming searches for the most relevant and latest document versions."
Joanne Dinh
Application Support and Development Analyst, Animal Welfare Non Profit Organisation
"Bitrix24 opens up opportunities for small to medium sized organizations, which are seeking a quick and scalable implementation with modern features."
Üwen Ergün
CEO, KinderRechteForum LLC (Children’s Rights Forum LLC)
"Bitrix24 CRM is an excellent tool for improving interaction with your customers, as it includes instruments for creating reports and analyzing sales and marketing campaigns, so that you can gain a clear insight into your company’s results and know whether or not your efforts are paying off."
Bhagwati Dhandharia
Director, Rajlaxmi Solutions Pvt Ltd
“Our team believes that Bitrix24 improved our productivity, as the tasks are getting more organized, we are able to meet deadlines and scheduling meetings became easier. I should say that my overall organization is now depending on Bitrix24.”
Dominik Groebler
CEO, Immoveo Ltd.
“From the very beginning we were amazed by the combination of many useful features Bitrix24 has to offer. We use Bitrix24 in the fields of project management, CRM, and internal company communication.”
Harrison Mungai
Executive Director, iServe Africa
“Bitrix24 is a great collaboration tool. Every day, staff post their to-do list on the activity stream and this helps in creating accountability. I see what my staff are up to on any single day. We also create tasks and events for the notice of everybody.”
Trairat Tapaniyanan
Operation Manager, Thailand Pool Tables
“The idea was to find a solution that covers a wide range of functions and makes half of the work done automatically. It took us a long time and after many trials we found out that Bitrix24 was the best choice for us.”
Upper Albany Main Street
Upper Albany Main Street
"Being involved in a project with hundreds of people, contractors, and managers, can become overpowering. User-friendliness is a big aspect of having a successful project, and with Bitrix, all of the features, workgroups, contracts, time clock, etc. are promptly available on your dashboard for each of your project members to use."
Felipe Gerais
Endeleza International
"Bitrix24 was the one which gave us greater user flexibility and more utilities. Moreover, our concern was to pass on the money to African children. As Bitrix24 is a free solution, it was the first option of choice."

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