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  • This post was written by Bitrix24 partner Make Interactive
    When migrating to Bitrix24, one of the long-standing problems has been how to import existing tasks from your old system. The answer up to now has generally been manual input. MAKE Interactive has developed a method for importing tasks en masse to your new Bitrix24 intranet, as long as you can provide the task data as an Excel or CSV file. The method works for both cloud-based and self-hosted Bitrix24 intranets.

    Since this real work is done outside Bitrix24, we are offering import as a service to users with a large number of tasks to import. We can perform the entire process ourselves, or provide you with simple instructions along with an output file so that you can complete the process yourself without providing access to your Bitrix24 intranet.

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  • New E-Mail Integration Options For Bitrix24 CRM

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 15 July 2016 384
    Now every employee can link their mailbox to CRM. The system will collect all inbound and outbound messages no matter whether you work with emails inside CRM or in the mailbox interface. Leads will be created from all incoming emails. If the message is received from the email address already known by the system, it will be linked as an activity to the proper CRM entity (contacts, companies, leads, deals). Outbound emails will also become activities linked to CRM entities.
  • The most recent update was about CRM – new website forms, open channels for social networks and online payments. This time it’s all about tasks. If you log into your Bitrix24 account, you’ll see that you can now add custom fields to tasks, create tasks from posts or comments and build workload charts.

    1. Post to task

    Activity stream is great for discussing ideas but when it’s time to act you need to switch to tasks. Now you can convert any post or comment to a task. Simply click ‘More’ and select Create task. The contents of the post/comment will be automatically inserted into the newly created task. You do remember that you can already create tasks from email, don't you?

    2. Employee workload charts

    You loved Bitrix24 employee workload planning but wanted to have Gantt-like employee involvement charts for easier workload management. Done! The chart can be build for individual employees, departments or the entire company, provided you have the appropriate access rights.

    3. Custom fields for tasks

    Very few project management tools give you custom fields for tasks. In Bitrix24 this option is now available starting with Bitrix24 Standard plan. Simply click ‘Create new task’, scroll to the bottom and create a custom field. If you are an administrator, you can share the newly created task field with all employees and enable field dragging (see the gear icon next to Custom field).
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  • Daniel Kirsch - Principal Analyst and Vice President of Hurwitz & Associates, a boutique strategy consulting, market research and analyst firm that focuses on how technology solutions solve real world customer problems. Hurwitz research concentrates on disruptive technologies, such as Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, Social and Collaborative Business, Service Oriented Architecture and Web 2.0, Service Management, and Information Management.

    Big data has been a buzz word for a couple of years already. How does this technology trend transform the business today?

    Big data on its own does not have a tremendous value. I have seen many clients struggle and fail with big data projects. The reason for these struggles have been that the project was not tightly aligned with business challenges or opportunities – getting insights into your data is interesting, but when not tied to business objectives the value can be lost.

    When Big Data is combined with data management, governance, and advanced analytics the business impact can be tremendous. I have seen companies unlock value insights from the data that they already have but are not analyzing. Take for instance a retailer – many have huge amounts of data on their products and customers however few are analyzing this to offer customized offers or anticipate the trends for next season. Some industries where we are seeing a huge impact on big data and analytics are in financial services, healthcare and oil and gas. The commonality between these industries is that small improvements based on data can lead to millions of dollars of revenue, massive savings or quite literally the lives of patients.

    Big data brings big risks. What are security concerns to consider when it comes to big data management?

    It is alarming how many organizations ignore data security and privacy when exploring big data projects. Basic data masking procedures can be disregarded when doing an analysis of customer data. The following are some considerations for big data and security:

    - Mask personally identifiable information
    - Know who in the organization is touching sensitive data
    - Baseline the usage patterns of big data so that if there is an anomaly you can detect it – example: if data isn’t typically being accessed at 2am or from a foreign nation you want to know when it is
    - Develop privacy and security best practices within your organization that must be adhered to whenever embarking on a new big data project

    What database management systems would you recommend to our readers who want to leverage big data?

    The database management platform really depends on the use case. Some considerations:
    - How much data are you analyzing
    - What types of data – structure, unstructured, a mix of both?
    - Do you need the results in real time or can you wait for the analysis?
    - Will new data be fed into the environment weekly, daily, hourly or in real time?
    - How does your enterprise currently manage data and can it be integrated into a big data project rather than moving the data?
    - Is the data and workload appropriate for a public cloud?

    Judith Hurwitz dedicate one part of her book Big Data for Dummies to big data analytics. Can you give some advice on how to apply different types of analytics to business problems?

    For years marketers have been performing customer analytics to understand customer churn, up-sale / cross-sale opportunities and customer value.
    Other types of analytics and industries:
    - Financial Services – Credit risk and fraud
    - Manufacturing – supply chain, predictive maintenance for equipment
    - Workforce / talent management – Employee productivity and value, compensation analytics
    - Healthcare – predictive analytics on patient outcomes (for example patient hospital readmissions)
    - Oil & Gas – Analysis of both structures and unstructured data to understand the viability of a proposed drilling site or to find new sites. Also big users of predictive maintenance for equipment

    What books or other resources can you recommend to our readers who'd like to learn more about big data?

    I’d of course recommend Big Data for Dummies by Judith Hurwitz, Alan Nugent, Fern Halper and Marcia Kaufman.
    Because the area is changing so rapidly I find that youtube videos and web-articles are a great source of information.

    Thank you for the interview.

    Bitrix24 offers team collaboration software and tools. Use promocode TIP10 when registering your free Bitrix24 account to get an extra 10GB.

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  • Want to use Facebook to communicate with your clients and keep the history of these conversations in Bitrix24 CRM? See how easy it is!

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    Again, open channels are available in all Bitrix24 plans, even the free one.
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  • Four Tips To Create A Successful Sales Team

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 5 July 2016 152
    Sales is a lifeblood of any business. The primary goal of the sales team is to generate revenue concurrently building customer trust and increasing brand awareness. Patricia Fripp once said “Youdon’t close a sale, you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise.” The fact that 8% of sales people get 80% of the sales is another proof that the choice of your salespeople plays a crucial role in business development. The following tips will help you create the best team to skyrocket your sales.
  • Interview With "Dean of Big Data" Bill Schmarzo

    Yana Prokopets 4 July 2016 173
    Bill Schmarzo, author of “Big Data: Understanding How Data Powers Big Business and “Big Data MBA: Driving Business Strategies with Data Science,” is CTO for EMC Global Services Big Data Practice, responsible for setting strategy and defining Big Data service offerings and capabilities. He’s written several white papers, is an avid blogger and is a frequent speaker on the use of Big Data and data science to power the organization’s key business initiatives.

    You are known for the development of the Big Data Business Model Maturity Index (BDBMMI). Can you please explain the theory behind BDBMMI?

    There were three driving factors behind the BDBMMI:

    · Organizations lacked a benchmark against which to measure how effective they were at leveraging data and analytics to drive or power their businesses,

    · Organizations did not know what the Big Data end point might look like from a business and organizational perspective, and

    · Organizations lacked a roadmap to get from where they were today, to where they wanted to be from a Big Data business strategy perspective.

    So the BDBMMI was born to help address those issues. And over hundreds of customer discussions and engagements, I have continued to refine the BDBMMI stages and the BDBMMI guide for how an organization can advance from one stage to the next stage.

  • Robin Farmanfarmaian - is a best Selling Author of The Patient as CEO: How Technology Empowers the Healthcare Consumer, professional speaker, contributing writer and an entrepreneur. Robin believes that technology can empower patients and make a positive impact in the health and medical field. This position drives her to provide education and resources to leaders, entrepreneurs, physicians, healthcare professionals and innovators to positively impact medicine and healthcare.

    Most of us take health issues very seriously, but still being blindsided about what modern healthcare is capable of. What are the most interesting and important technological breakthroughs in healthcare happened last years?

    RF: We are right now in a perfect storm of technological advancements that are changing medicine dramatically. Sensors, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technique, sequencing technology, robotics, even using the power of the crowd are all making an impact on medicine and getting more widely adopted.

    Things like Telemedicine, while actually an old concept, have started to be adopted at an increasing rate, really being catalyzed by massive connectivity, as well as point of care diagnostics and devices becoming available to consumers.

    We now have the ability to easily edit people's genes using CRISPR/Cas9, and the first NIH approved trial is set to begin soon, using the technique for a cancer cell trial. We will eventually be able to "cure" all genetically caused diseases. This technology is exciting and groundbreaking, but also scary in a lot of ways, as we now have the ability to dramatically change our own genes, and by design.

  • Meet New Bitrix24 Online Payment Options

    Yana Prokopets 28 June 2016 690
    Great news! Bitrix24 has a new feature which will make your life a bit easier. Our CRM already helps you capture the prospects visiting your website (new Bitrix24 web forms) and increase the efficiency of your sales. Now Bitrix24 CRM can accept payments from your customers online!

    You have probably noticed a new Invoice Link tab inside your Bitrix24 CRM invoice page – this is a long-awaited online payment option. You can copy the link and send it to your client.

    When the client follows the link, he will be redirected to a secure webpage with the full invoice details and online payment options:

  • New: Open Channels In Bitrix24

    Yana Prokopets 27 June 2016 848
    Open Channels is a new tool for your Bitrix24 account offering integration with famous social networks and other messengers. Open Channels consolidate various means of digital communications with your clients in Bitrix24.

    This video will show advantages of the open channels integration:

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    Why you should try it today

    · Presales consulting using digital channels
    · Various sales channels including online chat, social networking and instant messengers
    · Customer care (single- and multi-tiered)
    · Extra source of leads for your CRM
    · Repeat sales using CRM data

    What it is about

    A fast and easy way to communicate with your clients in real-time. Simple as that - you will get all clients messages in your Bitrix24 chat. Conversely, your clients will receive your response via their message source – Facebook or Telegram (Skype, Web chat and Viber coming soon). Just select a group of employees responsible for social media queries and new messages will be automatically dispatched between them with the help of Bitrix24 Open Channels.

    How to start

    1. Create a new open channel. Option can be found under Company section of your Bitrix24 and is available for account administrators only.

    2. Connect communication channels. At this moment you can connect Facebook public page or Telegram bot. (Skype, Web chat and Viber coming soon).

  • Martin Yate CPC New York Times bestseller Martin Yate is the author of Knock Em Dead – The Ultimate Job Search Guide, now going into its 32nd edition. It is the keystone of a 17-book series, with each book addressing a different aspect of job search and modern career management. Collectively published in some 63 foreign language editions, the Knock Em Dead way is unique in its scope and global acceptance in industrialized nations. His years in career management include successes as an international technology headhunter, as Director of Human Resources for the technology division of a public company in Silicon Valley, and as Director of Training and Development for a multi-national employment services company.

    You advocate a different approach to interviewing: the candidate should help interviewer make the decision and hire them. How is it possible to get inside the interviewer’s head and understand what they really want to hear?

    MY: In all jobs and professions the same two truths apply: “The customer is always right” and “Find out what the customer needs and give it to them.”
    Because people get hired based on their credentials rather than their potential, the first step is to determine a target job title that you can make a strong argument for on paper and in person, and a job where once you hit the ground running you won’t trip over your own feet.

    You do this by looking at job postings and determining the right job to pursue. One you have determined the right target job, collect a handful of job postings and determine how employers prioritize the skills they want, and the words, phrases and acronyms they use to describe their needs; with this information you have a template for the story your resume must tell to get interviews, and a cheat sheet for the topics that interviewers will want to discuss.

  • Meet New Bitrix24 CRM Forms

    Yana Prokopets 23 June 2016 1631
    Long-awaited lead capture forms for your Bitrix24 CRM are finally there. Everyone knows what a web form is, but sometimes working with forms may require additional efforts:

    - need of a website where the form will be placed;
    - web form creation may be complicated for a sales agent when additional programming skills are demanded;
    - difficulties with filled form results processing;
    - results transfer to the CRM;
    - form results analytics where e.g. Google Analytics connection can be really handy.

    The purpose of any web form is to get a new lead or contact, or add more information to the existing client records in your CRM.

    We have tried to minimize your efforts with a new smart web forms in Bitrix24. Watch our 3 minutes video to see how easy it is to create Web Forms In Bitrix24 from scratch:
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    Discover the advantages of Bitrix24 CRM web forms:

    1. Easy web form designer:

    2. Public page for your web forms with your Bitrix24 domain name (your company name) on it:

  • How To Hire The Best People For Your Team

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 20 June 2016 137
    Can you be absolutely sure that you hire the best people for your team? Are there brilliant candidates who would boost your performance, show outstanding results and become indispensable members of your team, but who are somehow missed or disapproved during the recruiting period? As hiring decisions have to be made, these doubts are inevitable.
  • A globally recognized authority on sales and leadership and the pioneer of executive sales coaching and management coach training, Keith Rosen is the CEO of Profit Builders, named one of the Best Sales Training and Coaching Companies worldwide for the last four consecutive years. Over the last three decades, Keith has delivered his programs to hundreds of thousands of salespeople and managers in practically every industry worldwide; on five continents and in over 50 countries. Keith has written several best sellers on leadership, time management and sales, including, Own Your Day and the globally acclaimed Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions, winner of Five International Best Book Awards and the #1 best-selling sales management book on for six consecutive years.

    Let’s imagine our readers are just considering sales for their future career. Are there any signs or prerequisites which show that a candidate has chosen the right path?

    KR: Aside from the candidate going through the interview process with the potential employer, there is some foundational due diligence that anyone who is considering sales position needs to do prior to accepting a position. For example, many companies require a candidate to complete some type of self-assessment or personality profile to see how much of a fit they may be for the sales, as well as for the company culture. While these tools are effective, they don’t determine the success or failure of a particular candidate. There are some candidates that score very high on these assessments, yet fail in the position. Conversely, there are some that do poorly on the assessment and become a top producing salesperson. As such, these assessments are just one tool to use in a comprehensive screening process. While it’s meant to act as a way for employers to determine whether the person is a fit, it also becomes a tool for the candidate to self-assess and identify the areas are for them to improve or develop, and whether or not they are in fact, a good fit for a sales role.

    Additionally, when going through the interview process, it’s essential that the candidate comes prepared to the interview with their own set of questions so they can interview the interviewer. I wrote an article about this, which you can find here that contains dozens of questions candidates need to ask their potential employer.

    Finally, there are a few additional steps I would take if I were to self-assess whether I’m a fit for a sales position. First, I would want to interview and spend time with some of the salespeople who are currently employed with the company, both the high performers as well as the mid to low performers. Second, I would want an opportunity to shadow them for a few hours if not a full day to truly get a realistic sense of what my day would look like and what I would be responsible for. Finally, in an ideal scenario, it would be great to speak to some of the employer’s customers to get a sense of their reputation in the market and the value they deliver.

  • Halve Your Customer Churn Rate with These Three Simple Steps

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 14 June 2016 122
    Churn rate shows the percentage of customers who stopped using your product or service within a particular period of time. It is a precise metric for measuring the current status of your business and the ability of your company to grow. Moreover, retaining existing customers is much cheaper than acquiring new ones. But how do you make customers stay loyal and keep coming back?
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