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  • 10 Bitrix24 Hacks You May Not Be Aware Of

    Yana Prokopets 27 November 2015 71
    This post is dedicated not only for Bitrix24 newbies but also for passionate Bitrixholics.

    1. Neat Bitrix24 Chat Shortcut: your desktop app chat can be viewed in a separate browser page. Simply add desktop_app/ at the end of your intranet name link ( so that the full address will look like https:// /desktop_app/ ) You don't need to have the desktop app installed to try this option!


  • Bitrix24 Thanksgiving Special

    Dmitry Davydov 20 November 2015 561

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. Yes, it’s this time of the year again and we are very thankful to over 800,000 companies that decided to try Bitrix24 since we launched the service in April 2012.

    We understand that a lot of you are traveling so this time our Thanksgiving special will last the entire week from November 23 to November 30. We’ll keep it simple, too. If you purchase annual subscription for Bitrix24 Plus, Standard or Professional, you’ll get an additional 30% discount, if you choose six month option, you’ll save 20%.

    If purchase self hosted Bitrix24, we’ll throw a few extra users in:

    Bitrix24 BizPace Edition (25-User Pack) + 25 Users Free (you save $1,000)
    Bitrix24 BizPace Enterprise Edition (25-User Pack) + 50 Users Free (you save $2,000)
    10% off Bitrix24 1000 user pack (you save $2000)

    The discounts will be applied automatically, as long as the purchase is made before December 1, either directly or through Bitrix24 partner in your country.


    This special offer is available for new commercial subscriptions only, can not be combined with other discounts, except for partner discount, and is not available for Bitrix24 accounts in the following zones - in, br, cn, eu, ua, ru, kz. The discount can not be extended beyond the period it was purchased for.

    Your Bitrix24 Team
  • Unisender Mailer — Integration With Bitrix24

    Yana Prokopets 16 November 2015 104
    Unisender mailer is a new email marketing integration option for your Bitrix24. This solution lets Bitrix24 users to manage address lists without leaving their Bitrix24 intranet, launch mailing campaigns, view abbreviated campaign statistics, and evaluate campaign effectiveness.


    You can learn more about the Unisender service here. For the app support please contact the app developer directly.
  • 5 Questions to Help You Get More Sales

    Dmitry Davydov 16 November 2015 84
    Being ready with a few prepared questions can make the sales process easier for you and more comfortable for your customers. Review these questions and have them ready so you can move those conversations forward to closing ground.
    Question 1: Name Your Problem
    What’s your biggest project right now?
    What’s the biggest problem you face right now?
    What’s causing you the most stress right now?

    Phrasing your question in an open-ended way–one which doesn’t allow for Yes or No answers–helps your customers to share what’s really on their minds. And that’s exactly what you want.

  • Beware Of Bitrix24 Fraud And Scams

    Dmitry Davydov 12 November 2015 164
    As you know, anyone can register a free email account. Recently, we've had to deal with several fraud attempts, when people were posing as Bitrix24 employees either via email or Bitrix24 Network. Here's one of the examples

    Bitrix, Inc. US Headquaters
    Alexandria VA 22314 USA
    Phone: 1 646 7818 236

    Dear Bitrix24 user,

    Compliments of the 2015 Bitrix24 Christmas Sweepstakes

    My name is Rose-Anna Cosby, and I am the General Accounts Manager at Bitrix24, Inc.

    I wish to inform you that your Bitrix24 account emerged the lucky winner of the sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000) in the 2015 Bitrix24 Christmas


    The 2015 Bitrix24 Christmas Sweepstakes online draw was conducted at the Bixtrix24 head quarters in California, USA using a random selection of active online Bitrix24

    user accounts.

    Eventually, with Ticket Number (FB-1750-3750) your Bitrix24 account was picked by an advanced automated random online computer bitrix24 search engine.

    In order to claim your winning funds, send your names, telephone number and contact address to the Facebook, Inc. accounts manager’s email address:

    Thank you for using Facebook, and congratulations as you spend your good fortune wisely.

    Sergey Rizhikov
    CEO, Co-Founder,Bitrix, Inc.

    This email and its attachments are confidential and are intended solely for the addressee.
    If you are not the addressee, do not open, read, copy, disclose, use or store it in any way.
    Copyright 2015 ©Bitrix24, Inc.


    Please note that Bitrix Inc employees will NEVER ask you to send them money, logins, passwords or other personal information. If in doubt, always email us at first to make sure that you aren't dealing with a fraudster.
  • You Can Now Host Your Bitrix24 Data In European Union

    Yana Prokopets 12 November 2015 123
    We’ve launched, a service for our clients who need to pay in euros and have their data stored in the European Union.

    Your data is hosted with two European Amazon Web Services data centers in Frankfurt, Germany. These data centers are fully compliant with EU data protection laws, including Directive 95/46/EC.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact our partners in the region.
  • Elise Foster is a leadership coach who enables business executives to unlock their potential and achieve even greater success. She is a coauthor of The Multiplier Effect: Tapping the Genius Inside Our Schools and a Master Practitioner for The Wiseman Group.


    Which organizational skills are most important in today's world?

    In today’s world it is becoming less about what you know, and more about your ability to access what others know. It’s about getting outside of our own heads and inside the heads of others. The leaders who do this best have a thirst for learning and are driven by their curiosity. Learning agility and intellectual curiosity are at the top of my list.

    What organization mistakes do you seek managers do most often?

    Walk into just about any meeting – a one-on-one, staff, or even board meeting – just after an idea or proposal is pitched and within minutes, if not seconds, you’ll hear one of these three questions:

    1. How much?
    2. How many people?
    3. How long?

    Leading with a question is a great start, but these kinds of questions limit growth and possibility, rather than expand it. In reality, how many people (even the most junior) come to pitch an idea without having thought through these basics? The job of the manager is to stimulate thinking and challenge people to go beyond what they can see or already know. The best leaders do this by using what they know to formulate the questions that will provoke the best thinking. These are the “what ifs” and “how might we[s]” that challenge assumptions and make the impossible, possible.

    Too many managers make the mistake of asking narrow questions that leave minimal room for, or invite, the kind of thinking necessary to solve the tough problems organizations face every day.

  • How to Build Trust with Your (New) Team

    Dmitry Davydov 9 November 2015 101
    One of the most important factors in creating a strong, creative, productive team is the element of trust. You have to know your team, get familiar with their abilities, and be able to trust them to do good work, follow through, and work toward the same goals.

    And your team has to be able to trust you.

    Building trust isn't a random process. If you're proactive, and make a conscious effort, you can cultivate the honesty, openness, and mutual respect that enable trust to flourish. Whether you're all new to teach other, overcoming past difficulties, or simply seeking to better your leadership, trust is key to a strong, successful team.
    Dispel Assumptions
    When working to build trust, one of the mightiest forces you have to fight are hidden assumptions. You're all trying to figure each other. Your team members want to know what's expected of them. If you don't clarify expectations, responsibilities, and a team vision, assumptions can drive misunderstanding, frustration, and resentment.

  • Which Approach to the To Do List Is Right for You?

    Dmitry Davydov 5 November 2015 185
    Ah, the to-do list. The ubiquitous task master that is required by almost all, no matter what field you find yourself in, no matter how fancy your digital planner is.

    Technology has given us many versions of the humble to-do list: we can label by color, sort by category, assign priorities, set up automatic reminders. These features are useful, of course, until we end up spending more time managing our task managers than actually completing tasks.

    If you're feeling stuck, take a look at these approaches to the to-do list. They can be applied digitally or in a low-tech, paper version. One of them just might help you start making progress and checking those items off. A cleared to-do list by the end of the day? That would be a win.

    The 6-Box List
    The brainchild of Peter Bregman, the 6-box to do list is a piece of paper, or a digital document, divided into 6 sections, or boxes. To use the to-do list, choose your five top priorities. The 6th box is for "all the rest," a catch-all space for the odds-and-ends tasks that don't belong to a particular priority but can't really be ignored. Forcing all those one-off items to fit into a single box is a good way to limit them fr om taking over your life.

  • Whitney Johnson is the author of the critically-acclaimed Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work, "The 'What Color is Your Parachute' for the entrepreneurial age", according to the Boston Globe.


    The workplace is changing rapidly. People no longer stay for 20 years in the same company. So, how do you build a career development plan, when there is a good chance that the company you started with is not the one where you’ll likely retire from?

    You include in your plan the development of portable skills, skills that translate across industries and geographies. You then explain how these skills translate across disciplines. Ideally, you look for 3rd party validation of your skills, such as industry awards or certifications. Your plan also includes learning to disrupt yourself, to learn to jump from one learning curve to the next, and then quickly climb that new learning curve because companies don't disrupt, people do.

  • Some ways to improve your efficiency and quality at work are apparent: improve your systems, manage your time, get better at communication, set priorities, focus.

    But there are ways to get better at your work (and enjoy it more) that aren't obvious or intuitive. The changes may seem too subtle, or even strange, but the results can be amazing. Here are three you should try.
    Improve Your Skills
    The basic skills that comprise your work are probably so second nature that you don't think about doing them anymore. That's good, in a sense: being able to perform a skill without a lot of effort or thought means you're pretty good at it. But if you assume easy means excellent, you might be wrong.

  • Caroline Dowd-Higgins is the Executive Director of Career & Professional Development for the Indiana University Alumni Association. She authored the best-selling book and maintains the blog: This Is Not the Career I Ordered® (now in the 2nd edition) which showcases her savvy professional development advice and women who are thriving after a career transition or reinvention.

    The workplace is changing rapidly. People no longer stay for 20 years in the same company. So, how do you build a career development plan, when there is a good chance that the company you started with is not the one where you’ll likely retire from?

    The Talent Wars are back and sought after employees have the advantage in the job market once again. It’s rare to spend your entire career in one organization and often growth opportunities require movement beyond your company in order to advance. A smart careerist should always be thinking about their exit and/or growth strategy so they align with an organization that meets their values, interests and career goals.

  • Setting up multiple languages in Bitrix24 Self-hosted

    Yana Prokopets 26 October 2015 268
    Often our users need to have multiple languages in own Bitrix24 self-hosted version. This post will describe the nuances and options available in the Bitrix platform, as well as set forth a few examples.

    To start, let’s determine what phrases are truly part of the product’s source code and which are not. Everything that you can see is either content (static or dynamic) or product phrases. In the image below, the highlighted sections are content. Everything else is source (and thus will be listed in the translation).


    Non-highlighted phrases are the source code.

  • Bitrix24 Halloween 2015 Special

    Dmitry Davydov 26 October 2015 170

    Are you ready for Halloween discounts? This week fr om October 26 to October 31 you can get up to 15% off self hosted and cloud plans, or get three months worth of Bitrix24 Plus absolutely free.

    If you purchase 6 month plan for Bitrix Plus, Standard or Professional, you’ll get an additional 10% discount. If you purchase 12 month plan for Bitrix Plus, Standard or Professional, you’ll get extra 15% off.

    Bitrix24 BizPace is available at 10% off during this time period, while BizPace Enterprise and a 1000 user pack are 15% off. The discounts are applied automatically, no coupons needed, except for,,, and accounts, wh ere Halloween 2015 Special is not available.

    If you’d like to receive three months worth of Bitrix24 Plus, please follow these directions.

    1. Publish your Bitrix24 review in one of the following sites

    2. Publish a Facebook or Twitter post, linking both to Bitrix24 and your review

    Ex: Read my review at

    3. Shoot an email with your review and your Twitter/Facebook post and your Bitrix24 account to yana AT Bitrix24 DOTCom. Use ‘Halloween Giveway’ as your subject.


    This special offer is available for new commercial subscriptions only, can not be combined with other discounts, except for partner discount, and is not available for Bitrix24 accounts in the following zones - in, br, cn, es, ua, ru, kz. Purchase must be made between Oct 26 and Nov 1. The discount can not be extended beyond the period it was purchased for.
  • Using the Agile Approach with Your Creative Team

    Dmitry Davydov 21 October 2015 240
    Agile methodology has been around for decades, but the publication of the Agile Manifesto in 2001 brought the concepts of quick, iterative, results-driven processes into popularity. How can you use the concepts that have transformed software development with your creative team? Here are three of the most important agile elements, and how you can apply them to better work with your creative team.

    Key 1: Quick Production
    Being quick to delivery a working, if imperfect, product is a key part of the agile approach. The focus is not on reaching perfection, as defined by the customer spec or the work documentation, but on delivering a functioning and improvable product that can be user-tested. Rather than working, iterating, testing, and fine-tuning a product in house, the agile approach pushes to get a real product out there for real-life, real-world testing by real users.

    Creative Team Application
    When working with clients on creative team projects, an agile approach can save you from losing time in assumptions, misinterpretations, or perfecting details that ultimately don't matter. When you present a quick mock-up, a working prototype, or a rough design to a client, you can clarify objectives, needs, priorities, and request. There's less time spend on redos and more time spent working on what the client and the team truly deem important.

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