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Bitrix24 mobile app brings together people and information so that you could get more work done faster.

Create, collaborate, and communicate with your team in your own online workspace - whenever and wherever you are. Free for an unlimited number of users.


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Stay in touch and stay in charge


You + your smartphone = productivity

Working in Bitrix24 requires neither desk nor desktop. All of your tasks, chats, and documents are always right there at your fingertips.

Remote work friendly

Since the beginning of 2020, our mobile app has been tried and trusted by more than 100,000 teams working remotely all across the globe.

One app does it all

Bitrix24 is a one-stop deal: you’ve got tasks, chats, video calls, CRM, cloud storage, knowledge base, and more - all conveniently packaged in one app.

Team communication done right


You can quickly reach any of your team members via chat, phone call, or video call.

Schedule meetings and create video conferences. Unlimited time, up to 100 participants.

Get social: post, comment, like, and follow your team updates on the Activity Stream.

You can also check out Bitrix24 chats and videoconferences in your browser!

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Assign tasks and monitor work progress

This is what project management chaos looks like: tasks are set and discussed in via three different messengers, documents are shared via email, communication is done via social media.

Bringing order and clarity to project management is the Bitrix24 mobile app. With its help, you can create and assign tasks in just a few taps. Set deadlines, monitor project progress, share files, make video calls, and get work reports - all within a single ecosystem. Organize meetings and events, invite your team members and external users, schedule appointments and plan your day.


Turn messages into tasks

What if a brilliant idea came up halfway through your discussion? Waste zero time by turning this idea into a task right from the chat! Add the responsible person, set the deadline, and follow the work progress via comments underneath the task.


Follow the task progress

Post your comments to any task the way you would do it in the chat. Pin a task to the top of your list to never miss an important update. Look out for the red counters indicating expired tasks. All the task updates are posted in one place.


Monitor your team efficiency

Our intelligent task reporting will give you a clear picture of which tasks are currently in progress, completed, or expired for each of your team members.

See what you can do with tasks in the browser version!

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See what you can do with tasks in the browser version!

Let your work flow smoothly with a fully-mobile CRM: close deals, create business processes, share important documents, and expand your company’s knowledge base.

Mobile CRM

All of your Deals, Contacts, Companies, Invoices, Offers, and Products are stored and managed on your smartphone.

Business processes

Submit your vacation request or approve an invoice for payment using the Bitrix24 mobile app! You can also automate recurring processes.

Cloud storage

Creating, editing, and sharing documents within your company is easy when they are in cloud storage, accessible from any device.

Knowledge base

Get your new employees off to a quick start by giving them access to your knowledge base. Create and edit FAQs, guides, and manuals.

Working in Bitrix24 requires neither desk nor desktop. Create your own online workspace using our mobile app:


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