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Bitrix24 has an open API which allows our clients and partners enhance their cloud intranets solution through adjusting workflows and business logic inside their cloud-based portals. Bitrix24 also represents a great SaaS platform for creating custom businesses applications.

The Bitrix24 API is open for:

  • CRM
  • Social network groups (workgroups, projects)
  • Data storage (information blocks)
  • Notifications and Activity Stream
  • Tasks
  • Users and Departments
  • Calendars
  • Telephony

Bitrix API online help    Bitrix24 App design guidelines

How to create your app for Bitrix24?

If you are an IT-specialist and considering creating a web app for Bitrix24, please follow these simple instructions:

  1. If you’d like your application to be available to all Bitrix24 accounts, become our partner by filling out this form. If you want to create a private app for your account only, registration is not necessary.
  2. Learn all about Bitrix24 API and how you can create your web apps.
  3. Select ‘Add application’ in the Applications menu inside your Bitrix24 account (on the left) to upload your private app or register your web app in your Partner Profile if you want your app to be listed publicly!

Web app authorization and security

The process of adding a new app to your Bitrix24 Cloud account is easy, and we also tried to make it as transparent and secure as possible. Each web app provides you with a list of data it may use (and change) in your Bitrix24 account, and asks your permission to do so. The new app will be installed only if you give your permission.

The oAuth security mechanism makes sure that this web app gets access only to the data you have specified (e.g. a web app may ask your permission to access tasks, CRM leads, etc.).

Got ideas for web apps?

If you are not an IT-professional but you have special needs that you believe can be solved through a custom app in your Bitrix24 portal, feel free to share your ideas with us! We'll do our best to make your intranet solution a perfect fit for your business! Shoot us an email to