Lean Tools for an Improved Travelling Experience


Are you struggling to organize all those tiny details about your clients and their trips, flights, and cruises? Is the workflow so challenging that your agents have started to lose their edge? Are there leaks in your lead pipeline? Bitrix24 has a perfect solution for all your travel management problems. Collect, store, and manage client and vendor data, build long-term relationships, automate tasks, encourage productivity, and streamline your sales process, all from a single platform.

Bitrix24 Features

Say goodbye to all your travel-related woes with Bitrix24. Our platform helps organize and store information in a way that is easily accessible for those who need it later. With so many details to keep track of, here are some of the most helpful travel features that Bitrix24 offers.

Employee Management

Keep track of all employee information in one place. Employees can track their hours, manage calendars, and update notes in their project management tools.


Improve your pipeline management with the CRM tools. Track travel and client locations, their needs, and notes from interactions in the Bitrix24 project management tools.

Customer Contact Centre

Get the customer support where you need it. Whether you have a website that needs support from AI and bots or you want a customer call center, we can help.

Tasks and Projects

No matter where you are currently at in the world, teams can collaborate effectively to get the job done. Make jobs easier with process automation so tasks recur as needed.


Use scheduling tools to oversee your pipeline management better. Schedule client and team meetings easily and use built-in communication tools.


Share events with others or keep a personal calendar to stay organized and manage time well. Community calendars can help everyone know where they are while keeping pipeline management on track.

Built-In Telephony

Using Telephony allows you to call any client or team member from anywhere in the world within the Bitrix24 platform. This CRM helps in each piece of pipeline management.

File Sharing & Storage

Part of pipeline management is getting documents signed and sharing files digitally when distances are a factor. Use access permissions to keep the information confidential.

Report builder

Since all the information is stored in Bitrix24, reports are easy to build, send, and store.

«The program (Bitrix24) combines a social intranet system with CRM tools that include contact tracking, sales funnel management, messaging, activity planning and calendars, all of which enable your team to quickly manage important pieces of information from within a central program.»


Benefits of Bitrix24

Companies can make great changes to their processes by using Bitrix24. Every platform is easily customized to fit your company’s needs too, so it truly is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Here are some other benefits you can expect when using Bitrix24.

  • When your clients don’t know where they want to go, our CRM does
  • Streamline your in-house operations to provide stellar offshore experiences
  • Make your marketing campaigns as alluring as your destinations
  • Stay in touch with your globetrotting clients wherever they are

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