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Bitrix24 free mobile CRM is more than just an extension of the web version. It's a comprehensive mobile CRM solution that features deals, invoices, payments, telephony, and other tools to help you manage clients and sales on the go.

Collect leads from multiple sources

Acquire and track leads from multiple sources: web forms, email, telephony, ad campaigns on Google and Facebook, and more.


Convert anything into a lead

Any submitted web form, incoming email, phone call, or message/comment on social media can be easily turned into a lead and added to your mobile sales CRM.


Nurture leads via multiple channels

Reach out to your leads via email, phone call, voice broadcasting, SMS, social media, messengers – all from a single dashboard in Bitrix24.


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Mobile deal management

Track deal status to know what’s going on with a particular deal at any given moment. Set up a custom sales pipeline with stages that are specific to your line of business.


Create invoices from smartphone

Generate an invoice in just one tap right from a CRM deal and send it to the client via email or SMS.


Automation rules & triggers

Choose from a variety of pre-configured rules and triggers to help your sales reps do their job: send client reminders, employee alerts, notifications, and more.


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What makes Bitrix24 better than 99% of other solutions on the market?

  • Replaces all your current SaaS solutions
  • Free forever for unlimited users
  • Easy to migrate your data from other systems
  • Integrated with all your favorite services and apps
  • Used, loved, and trusted by 15,000,000+ users worldwide
  • 100% flat fee: predictable costs, no per-user pricing

Easy to create

Pick an existing template or create your own invoice with custom fields – our CRM will automatically insert proper payment and product details.


Easy to send

With Bitrix24 rules and triggers, you can set the system to send an invoice to your client automatically when a deal is moved to a certain stage of your sales pipeline.


Easy to track and manage

Every invoice is linked to the respective deal, making it easier to follow the history of your interaction with the client.


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Convenient payment process

Pick a product from your catalog, generate a payment link and send it to your client via email, SMS, or messenger. The client opens the link and chooses the payment method.


Payment confirmation

Once you’ve received the money from a client, they will see a confirmation message in their payment window.


Mobile CRM payment tracking

Your sales reps can always check the current payment status and track the payment process in real-time.


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Enhanced VoIP telephony solution

Bitrix24 telephony features call tracking, routing, forwarding, screening, transcription, recording, and so much more.


Integration with Bitrix24 mobile CRM

Calls can be recorded and added to deals in Bitrix24 CRM for mobile. Incoming calls are forwarded to a sales rep responsible for a particular lead.


Advanced telemarketing

You can run an automatic dialer, install a callback widget on your website, send callback requests, use voice broadcasts and SMS.


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CRM integration

Turn an incoming email into a lead, deal, or contact in your CRM. If it’s an existing client, you can email them right from the respective deal or lead, and view their response there as well.


Mighty email marketing

Launch segment-based email marketing campaigns right from your CRM. Use our rules and triggers to set up automated email notifications and reminded based on the deal/lead status.


Access permissions

Set up custom access permissions for each inbox you connect to make sure sensitive business data is well-protected – a highly useful tool for mobile CRM solutions.


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Manage stock and inventory

Stock adjustments, order management, and warehouse transfers with omnichannel sales support.


Complete CRM integration

All sales data is synced with your inventory in real-time to make sure you’re never out of stock.



Scan barcodes via the Bitrix24 mobile app and make inventory adjustments on the go – very few mobile CRM systems offer that.


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Plan your day

Organize meetings and events, invite your clients and external users, schedule appointments and plan your day – all with Bitrix24 mobile app.


Organize events

There’s so much you can do with a simple event in Bitrix24 Calendar: create a quick chat, call up a client right from a deal/lead, set up an online meeting, assign a task, and more.


Schedule meetings

To schedule a meeting with a client, just send them a link to your calendar. Once the client picks an available time slot, it’s confirmed automatically. After the meeting is over, you can update the deal in CRM.



Bitrix24 comes with several dozen integrations available in Bitrix24.Market. You can also create your own apps using our REST API.

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