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Import from Excel

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Do you want to transfer clients’ information fr om Excel to Bitrix24, but are not sure if everything will be imported the way you expect? With the free application "Import fr om Excel", uploading data to CRM is much easier than it might seem at first glance.

By using the application, you will get:
  • Data transfer from .xls / .xlsx and .csv files to CRM;
  • Creation of linked contacts, companies and deals when importing from one file;
  • Search for duplicates both inside the file and in your customer database in CRM;
  • Ability to cancel the import and backup the CRM to the previous state (before the import was launched).

You can transfer to Bitrix24 not only the database of contacts that you keep in Excel or Google Docs, but also data exported from any other external system.

Migrate your customer database to CRM without preprocessing. Don't waste time on adapting the file to a standard form - upload the database “as it is”, and the application will help you distribute information in CRM so that it is convenient to use.

Import only what you need. Duplicates check will allow you to import only unique customer records into CRM from the file and will provide an opportunity to update or complement data in existing CRM cards without creating duplicates.

Experiment. If you don't like the result, please cancel the last download and try again. All downloaded information will be deleted, and the data saved in CRM before import will be restored.

Your data is safe and is stored only in your CRM.

How to work with the application

Import data on deals and clients from Excel spreadsheet into Bitrix24 in just a few steps:

  • Prepare a file with client base and upload it into the application (only the first tab of the Excel file will be processed);
  • Match the columns of the file to the fields in CRM.
  • Wait for the download to finish.
Price. The lim it for free import is up to 10 lines. The cost of the full version of the application is 300 euros/year.
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