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With its dizzying array of functions, Bitrix24 CRM has the ability to centralize all communications and collaboration for an organization of any size. Learn more



It (Bitrix24) includes tools for project management, customer support, internal communications, and even website building. Despite offering such a wide range of features, Bitrix24 is incredibly affordable, and offers a flat monthly price for an unlimited number of users. Learn more



With Bitrix24, you can customize your eCommerce CRM and integrate it with many popular business apps. Bitrix24 also includes a free tier option. You can use it to construct landing pages and websites that integrate seamlessly with your eCommerce online store and CRM. It’s the perfect solution if you want everything in one place. Learn more



Bitrix24 at its heart is a social intranet for smaller companies that provides tools for company teams that allow for immediate discussions (ala Facebook) with members of their groups, the ability to share documents, tasks, incorporate leads, provide calendar and email tools and much more. The application has an easy search option as well to find employees or vendors, documents or files, and more. This is an alternative to more complicated CRM and project management applications. Learn more



What are people using social intranets for? The vast majority (73 percent) of those working with Bitrix24 are using it for its activity stream and instant messaging capabilities, followed by document storage, sharing, or collaboration (27 percent). Approximately 87 percent of them believe the platform will increase employee productivity. Learn more



Bitrix24 is an all-in-one CRM platform that does much more than generate and manage leads. Apart fr om that, you can use it to automate your workflows and monitor the activities of your sales representatives with ease. You can also run marketing campaigns and build landing pages to entice leads using this platform. Learn more



It’s also possible to use a private social network for collaboration within your small business. Bitrix24 provides a way for your team members to connect and collaborate quickly and easily. Learn more



The HR platform includes many human resources tools, plus a wide range of additional CRM and project management features. One of favorite features is the self-service HR portal. Employees can use this to access basic HR functions without needing to speak to someone from HR. Learn more



But a serious company needs a serious CRM solution. One that goes beyond spreadsheets. A CRM that helps marketing, sales, and support, maybe even HR too. A CRM like Bitrix24. Learn more


Bitrix24 is known for centralizing diverse functions, reducing reliance on multiple tools. The platform's core features include integrated communication tools, efficient project management with visual timelines, and robust CRM capabilities. Bitrix24 facilitates seamless collaboration, offering mobile apps for iOS and Android, ensuring connectivity and task management on the go. Learn more



When it comes to managing your sales process, Bitrix24 really shines.With its intuitive deal pipeline builder, you can easily create and customize your pipeline to fit your specific sales processes. Learn more



Bitrix is an all-in-one platform that features all the essential tools for team collaboration. This allows for convenience for team communication and management of team projects with complete efficiency, in addition to the obvious Gantt chart compatibility baked right into it. There is no lim it on the charts that you can create, along with being able to store up to 5GB on the online cloud. Learn more



Bitrix24: the finest CRM for free. Bitrix24 is a software package that is designed to optimize business operations and control an operating enterprise. Learn more



Bitrix24 is a place for small, medium, and large businesses to work online. More than 35 tools are built to work together seamlessly. These include a CRM, tasks, Kanban board, Gantt chart, messenger, video calls, file storage, workflow automation, and more! If you switch to Bitrix24, you won’t have to pay for a bunch of different SaaS services. Currently, this is one of the best Document Management Software Tools. Learn more



The best premium team collaboration software solution that offers built-in chat capabilities plus document-sharing features. Learn more



For a very secure, turnkey intranet solution that is designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, try Bitrix24. It enables effective collaboration and communication, and equips your business with better knowledge. Learn more



Bitrix24 offers a straightforward and easy-to-use tool, perfect for collaborating on documents and keeping them organized. It provides a secure intranet for your company’s files and online resources. Learn more



For companies of all kinds, Bitrix24 is a powerful CRM programme that can help them keep track of their leads, sales, and customers. Learn more



This system is one of the leaders in the CRM market according to the results of most ratings and surveys. The program is aimed at automating sales, increasing the efficiency of active marketing and simplifying personnel management. This service has literally everything for a small business. Learn more



Using Bitrix24 means there will be no need to subscribe to a ton of different SaaS solutions to perform both basic and complex tasks. It isn’t surprising that free Bitrix24 CRM is one of the leading business software solutions in the world today. Learn more



Bitrix24 is the ideal free CRM system for entrepreneurs with large supply orders. Startups that need to send quotes or invoices, see projections of their new sales funnels, and even integrate social media ad campaigns will find this system useful. Learn more



Bitrix24: Ideal for Remote Teams. This application allows the creation of a channel specifically for employees. It enables one-on-one chats and also designated private group chats for each department in the company. Learn more

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