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Overwhelmed by the ever-increasing customer expectations? In the new world of big data, smart retailing is all about Customer Relationship Management. Bitrix24 helps create seamless and personalized shopping experiences that lead to better sales, increase brand loyalty, and boost sales conversions. Win customers over by revealing hidden needs and building deeper connections.

Bitrix24 Features

Bitrix24 can help you manage your retail business better. With more organization and better record-keeping abilities, our customer database software can help you maximize your pipeline management.

Omni-channel Customer Service

Using our customer database software will help service your customer service department. Expand your capabilities with bots and AI on your website too.

Website Builder

Most retail businesses require a website. If you do not have a website yet, our software can help you build one for free. Add all the features you need too!

Sales Analytics

How your website performs and the way visitors find your site is important information to use for retail. Track your analytics and gain valuable insights into marketing plans.

Marketing Automation

Compiling your customer database software will help you leverage your marketing efforts to potential buyers.

Lead Tracking and Web Forms

Bitrix24 helps your pipeline management by capturing leads, gather information, analyze data, and better customize your marketing efforts to your crowd.

Invoices Inside the CRM

Keep all your work on one central platform with the ability to create invoices and improve sales tracking.

Chatbot & AI Support

Communicate with your site visitors more easily by installing Bitrix24 chatbot and AI. This support extends your company’s capabilities.

Mobile App

Access your customer database software from anywhere with the Bitrix24 mobile app. Everything available on your desktop is accessible from your app.

File Sharing & Storage

Easily share information across departments or teams with file sharing and storage. Storing information on your free Bitrix24 cloud space helps you organize and manage it.

Reports & Sales Funnels

Use our customer database software to create accurate reports faster and oversee sales funnels in the pipeline management process.

Email Marketing

Reach out to potential and current customers with an email marketing campaign. All you need to complete this job is included in your Bitrix24 tools.

«Bitrix24 is a collaborative suite that connects CRM, instant messaging, collaboration, and task management into one package.»

Business Insider

Benefits of Bitrix24

Creating a business requires a lot of work. Using the right tools can benefit your business by helping you get more done in a more efficient way. Every company can easily customize its customer database software to fit the company’s needs. Some of the benefits retail businesses can expect from Bitrix24 include:

  • Get a 360-degree view onto each interaction.
  • Master the entire customer lifecycle and close sales faster.
  • Inspire the team to deliver outstanding customer experience with shared workspace and universal contact center.
  • Meet customers where they are with multiple communication options.
  • Deliver more absorbing, immersive, and personalized experiences.

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