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Measure, collaborate, automate. If your marketing team is struggling with any of these, Bitrix24 can help. We will help you generate more leads, improve conversion rates, provide superior customer service and put marketing on autopilot.

Bitrix24 Features

If you are looking to take your marketing to the next level, our CRM software can help. With tools built to assist companies of every size and industry, here are a few of the most popular Bitrix24 features.

Marketing automation

Automate your marketing efforts by setting up email marketing campaigns, ads, and more, all through the Bitrix24 CRM marketing software.

Contact center

Businesses of all sizes need a contact center. Let Bitrix24 help you manage your communication channels with our CRM software. Integrate all chats, web forms, emails, and phone calls into one space.

Lead generation & nurturing

The Bitrix24 CRM software helps give your company the tools for gathering leads and track their process through the sales pipeline. Sales teams can utilize the information to know what marketing tactics are working and others that are less profitable.

Client management

Keeping all the information for each interaction and communication with a lead or client helps sales teams to stay current on relationships. All information for clients is kept in one central location for easy access, right in the CRM software.

Sales analytics

Better data leads to better decisions. Use Bitrix24 to optimize your site, focus on your marketing plan, and make better sales decisions.

Marketing team collaboration

Bitrix24 brings teams together with multiple communication avenues and planning materials. Use Gantt charts to visualize your plan, then use tasks, to-do lists, and calendars to collaborate on getting projects completed.

Tasks and projects

Create customer tasks and projects to fulfill work for your company. The CRM marketing software from Bitrix24 will help your team accomplish more by organizing your work and increasing communication.

Document management

Manage documents easily with Bitrix24’s CRM software. Cloud storage allows you to store and organize your documents for easier access. Use access permissions to protect private or sensitive information.

Integration with social networks

Customers communicate with companies in a variety of ways, including social networks. Provide faster responses by integrating social networks into your CRM software.

Bots and AI

Increase your company capabilities by adding bots and artificial intelligence (AI) to your site. This tool helps stretch your resources while still caring for your customers.

Group calendars

Help everyone communicate more and stay in contact with expectations by posting due dates and team meetings in a calendar that everyone on the team can view.

CRM web forms

Capture more leads by using CRM web forms. Not only can Bitrix24 help build your website, but you can also add in great sales tools, like web forms.

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Benefits of Bitrix24

Using Bitrix24 can take your marketing plans to the next level by helping you organize your efforts. View your company data for work hours, SEO efforts, and track ROI with our CRM software. Other benefits of using Bitrix24 include being able to do the following:

  • Automate routine tasks
    and free your time for what's really important
  • Know what your customers
    want before they do
  • DIY (Doesn't require
    automation consultants)
  • So cheap, you can't afford
    not to use it

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