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The closer you are to that coveted dominating spot on the market, the more complex your business gets. With hundreds of employees, multiple business units, and numerous locations across the globe, keeping order and harmony is a challenge. Bitrix24 solves the complexities of big companies, transforming them from stagnant and unmanageable to lean, powerful, and productive.

Bitrix24 Features

Manage your large company easier with the Bitrix24 CRM software tools. Whether you are looking for sales team management tools or project management help, here are just a few of the useful features your company can use.

Full Featured Project Management

Everything you need to effectively manage projects is included in this CRM software. Schedule tasks, send reminders, hold team meetings, and more.

Collaboration Across Functions

Teams can work together with multiple communication channels from anywhere in the world with telephony, video conferencing, and chats.

Social CRM Applications

Use a single CRM software program to manage all your applications, including social media channels and profiles.

Big Data Analytics & Insights

Consolidate your tools into one convenient CRM software. With the Bitrix24 platform, you can view analytics and gain valuable company insights.

Access Permissions

Store, manage, and send documents electronically + securely. With access permissions, only the people you want to see the information can view it.

Advanced Reporting & Gantt Charts

Create reports and manage analytics from our CRM software. You can also use Gantt charts for time and pipeline management.

Employee Workload Management

Project managers can assign tasks, view workloads, and receive updates with employee workload management tools.

Automated Workflows & Templates

Save valuable management time with automated workflows. Set automatic recurring tasks or use pre-made templates for faster task creation.

Mobile App

Take your CRM software on the go with the Bitrix24 mobile app. Now you can connect with clients or work on pipeline management from anywhere in the world.

«This platform (Bitrix24) pretty much does everything, but run your company for you.»


Benefits of Bitrix24

With all the features Bitrix24 provides, it has become a CRM software tool that businesses rely on. From sales team management tools and pipeline management to staying connected to everyone in the company, our tools help companies be successful. Some of the best benefits our enterprise users find amazing include:

  • Automate sales & marketing and manage relationships better and smarter
  • Empower employees to collaborate and deliver exceptional customer experience
  • Streamline processes and see a complete picture of the business
  • Solve business challenges and improve performance with unified communication and sharing
  • Gain customer loyalty and trust with multichannel support
  • Put the focus on people with a comprehensive HR and Employee engagement system

One of the top benefits is that the platform is easily customizable for every company. Add in apps or tools that you already use into the framework for one easy access point. Your company can even integrate its own app for easier management.

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