Bitrix24.Telephony – incoming calls and renting telephone numbers

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Vlad Kovalskiy
June 20, 2014
Last updated: April 5, 2023
Bitrix24.Telephony  – incoming calls and renting telephone numbers

The functionality of Bitrix24’s built-in telephony has been expanded to include a virtual PBX – this allows you to receive and route incoming calls to employees. For only $6.00-$11.00/mo, you can rent an incoming phone number in the USA or the UK with full capacity to accept calls via your Bitrix24 Intranet.


  • $6.00-$11.00/mo for a number and incoming call management
  • Incoming calls are free
  • Unlimited incoming lines
  • No limit on the number of incoming numbers which can be rented for a single Bitrix24
  • Instant connection of number
  • Internal extension numbers for employees



  • Integration with the CRM


     - Identification of incoming number and display of CRM Contact


    - Work with Activities, Contacts, Deals, or Invoices connect to this person while on the call
    - Each call is captured as an Activity in the CRM, and a recording of the call, if applicable is attached
    - New incoming numbers can be added as new Contacts or new Leads


  • Rules for processing incoming calls


  • Forwarding calls among employees (via internal number or name) – coming soon
  • Notification of missed calls
  • Call recording



  • Statistics for incoming, outgoing, and missed calls


  • Voicemail


  • Default call music (Greeting, Wait music, Hold music, Voicemail) with the option to put in your own music or message


  • Cheap Tariffs for outgoing calls

So, if you have decided to rent a number.

  • Don’t get confused among all the options:


    Connect to your number
    - you can connect your number for outgoing calls so that contacts you call will see your correct number and be able to call you back. However, if you enable this option, incoming calls must be received via a “real” telephone. Details here.
    Rent a number – you rent a number and work with incoming and outgoing calls inside Bitrix24.
    Connect SIP PBX – connection of your own SIP – this is coming soon.

    A single Bitrix24 intranet can be connected to your own number and use an unlimited number of rented telephone numbers.
  • Be sure that your telephony balance is above the minimum requirement (not less than $6.00-$11.00). Top up your account via Balance and statistics.
  • On the Telephony Settings page you can choose the corresponding option (Rent a number) and then enter your country, region, and code which you want to have for your rented number.


  • Configure your rules for calls to that number and the music or message



  • Configure extension numbers for employees.


     Each employee can put in an extension number in the ‘edit profile’ page.

That’s it! Call your clients and answer their calls using Bitrix24.Telephony.

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