HR Management System With a Human Touch

Bitrix24 is a one-stop solution for all your HR management needs - from hiring to firing and everything in between.
Transform the way you manage your team

Bitrix24 is designed to be fully integrated into your business processes and help you make the right decisions in the HR department.

Online time clock

HR forms & record management

People data & analytics

Ideal for remote work

Worktime Management

Track working hours and run shift schedules via time clock from smartphone or desktop. Calculate wages, bonuses, and taxes using our third-party integrated solutions. Manage paid time off, sick leaves, and absences easily.


HR Automation

Get rid of bureaucratic, multi-step approval processes by implementing Bitrix24 RPA. Automate standard processes like leave requests, purchase requests, expense reporting, and more.

Work Reports

No work is really done until it is reported to the boss. Collect work reports from your subordinates on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis. Integrated with Bitrix24 Tasks, a work report can be requested automatically after a task is finished.


Culture & Engagement

Use our built-in social interaction features (likes, comments, appreciation badges, congratulations, and peer praise) to stimulate employee engagement and drive organizational growth.

People Data & Analytics

Centralized searchable employee directory for quick access to any employee data. Easy and intuitive employee performance reporting & KPIs. Staff changes/employee timeline to reflect all the staff changes in the company.


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Mobile and desktop
Bitrix24 comes with free mobile and desktop apps available for Android, iOS, Mac and PC
8,000,000+ organizations have chosen Bitrix24


Bitrix24 is available in cloud and on-premise with source code access. You can install it on your own server and customize as necessary.


API and REST API are available both for cloud and on-premise editions of Bitrix24.


Bitrix24 comes with several dozen integrations available in Bitrix24.Market.
You can also create your own apps using our REST API.

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