Call tracking in Bitrix24.CRM

Track calls from your clients to see which of your ads work best.

Free call tracking tool inside Bitrix24.CRM

With call tracking in Bitrix24.CRM, you will always know the exact number of calls you received from a specific promotion channel and how many clients (of those who called) have actually made a purchase.

  • Helps you to identify, which promotion channel a client came from
  • You will always know which ads work best for you
  • Easy to set up, no integration required
  • Comes for free with Bitrix24.CRM

How it all works

First, you launch ad campaigns on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, print ads, TV/radio ads, etc. For each platform, you use a separate phone number, which is going to be tracked.

Then, our smart system will scan all inbound calls and identify, which source they are coming from. Finally, our CRM will show you if the client has actually made a purchase. This way, you will know exactly which promotion channels work best and how efficient they are compared to each other.

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Easy to assign phone numbers

Telephony is built into Bitrix24, which is why you can easily rent a bundle of 5 or 10 numbers. If you are using a third-party phone service provider, you can assign their phone numbers for your call tracking needs.


Track your clients: from awareness to purchase

Bitrix24 call tracking allows you to understand where your clients are coming from and what led them to you. For example, a person saw your ad on Facebook, clicked on it, opened your website, saw your phone number and then called you. Our system will track all these steps and show them to you in CRM.

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Call tracking: reports, sources and traffic

Using Bitrix24 call tracking, you can see how many calls each of your marketing campaigns generated and analyze their cost.
This way, you will know which sources work best and disable inefficient promotion channels to optimize your marketing budget.