Bitrix24 Sales Center

A power web-based ecommerce platform for your business.

Free sales management software

Utilize every social media platform or messenger (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.) to generate leads, process orders, and accept payments from your customers. All from a single dashboard inside your Bitrix24.


What can you do with Bitrix24 Sales Center?

Sell directly through social media and messengers

Connect local payment systems and accept payments online

Create quick links to FAQ pages about your business and send them to clients

Allow your clients to book an appointment or make a reservation through webforms


Social media sales done easy

People these days rely heavily on social media and messengers in almost every aspect of their lives – including shopping. If you have a profile on Instagram or Facebook, why not use them for direct sales? Everything you need to do it is already here in the Bitrix24 CRM sales software.


Three easy steps to successful online sales with Bitrix24


Connect your social media profiles to receive/reply to messages from your clients directly from Bitrix24 using our messenger


Create an online store based on one of our templates, set up CRM forms, and start generating leads and receiving orders


Connect payment systems of your choice to accept payments and process orders inside Bitrix24

How it works

A client writes you a message on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

The message pops up in your Contact Center. From there, you can continue the conversation via Bitrix24 messenger

If the client doesn’t order from you this time, they can be added to your CRM as a lead

If the client wishes to order, choose the item from the catalog, generate the payment link, and send it to the client

Once the order is paid, a delivery can be organized if needed


Handle customer requests with style and ease

Create information pages with pre-made replies to the most frequently asked questions from your clients (Where to find you? How to pick up my order?, etc.). Anytime a potential client asks you a question like this in the chat, you can just send them a quick link with all the information they need.


Online booking for your clients

Create an online calendar in Bitrix24 where your clients can schedule an appointment or make a reservation all by themselves. It works like this: you send a potential client a link to the calendar in chat, they pick the available date and time slot, and that’s it: you’ve got yourself a customer!


Receive payments online

Bitrix24 offers you a quick and easy way to sell your products or services right from a chat. To send a payment link to the client, just pick the product from your catalog, set the quantity/price/discount, and hit “Send”. You can track the payment status right from Bitrix24.


What else can you do with Bitrix24 Sales Center?

Provide client support and sales advice to your clients from messengers and social media

Create appointments for your clients and sign them up for available time slots

Create fillable CRM forms with our builder and turn any submitted online CRM form into a lead or deal

Do sales tracking and manage your sales funnel using our CRM Analytics

Place a chatbox or a livechat widget on your website to provide instant support and customer service to your visitors.

Use our intuitive, block-based website builder to create beautiful landing pages or online stores.

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