Xero Integration For Bitrix24 Is Available

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Vlad Kovalskiy
June 15, 2015
Last updated: April 5, 2023
Xero Integration For Bitrix24 Is Available
If you are using Xero accounting software, we have great news - you can now purchase a connector for Xero from our NZ partners

Services: Cloud & Self-hosted Versions
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +64 212 836 660
Email: info@cloudxchange.co.nz
Website: cloudxchange.co.nz

Here are highlights of the app's current features:

  • Invoice statuses in Bitrix24 & invoice statuses in Xero

    • Users can create a custom ma ping between invoice statuses in Bitrix24 and Xero, i.e. users can specify what invoice status in Bitrix24 maps to what invoice status in Xero.
    • This allows users to use any custom invoice statuses they may have added in Bitrix24.
    • This mapping is done during the initial setup only, and not every time the app is used.

  • Create / Edit invoices in Xero

    • Invoice(s) from Bitrix24 can be created or updated in Xero by pressing the “Create / Edit on Xero” button.
    • If the invoice is already present in Xero, it is updated with all information from the invoice in Bitrix24.
    • If this invoice is not present, the app generates it in Xero and assigns it to the relevant contact.
    • All Products on the invoice in Bitrix24 are added as line items on the invoice in Xero.
    • If the invoice is created for a contact that does not exist in Xero, this contact is created automatically in Xero and marked as a customer.

  • Status updates from Xero

    • When the “update from Xero” button is pressed, all invoice s with their statuses are looked up from Xero .
    • If any invoice status has changed, for e.g. if an invoice is marked as Paid, the new status is applied to the invoice is Bitrix24.

  • Add Product tab

    • The “Add Product” tab creates a new Product in Bitrix24 and also adds it as an Item in Xero at the same time.
    • The added Product is available for use with invoices immediately.
    • This feature helps reduce human error & effort since information is only needed to be entered once for both Bitrix24 and Xero.

  • User access permissions

    • The app respects user access permissions for viewing / editing invoices .
    • Users will only be able to see invoices that they have privileges for.
    • Users can use any login with Xero to use the app.
    • The login to Xero is kept alive for 30 mins and the user is logged out automatically after.

  • Responsive design, pagination and dynamic display

    • The app is built with using responsive design features and thus will render on any device — desktop, mobile or tablet.
    • Results are also paginated for better user experience.
    • Users can select the number of results shown per page.








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Table of Content
- Invoice statuses in Bitrix24 & invoice statuses in Xero - Create / Edit invoices in Xero - Status updates from Xero - Add Product tab - User access permissions - Responsive design, pagination and dynamic display
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