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How to host Bitrix24

How to host Bitrix24
Bitrix24 Team
September 30, 2013
Last updated: December 30, 2020
Bitrix24 is a solution for business communications and collaboration inside organization. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that Bitrix24 can be used as an online service and as a ‘box’ product – that is, installed on your own server (or that of your hosting provider). That post was about the differences between these two options from the standpoint of the product’s functionality.

Today we’re going to talk about the self-hosted (box) version, its technical requirement, and the environment in which it needs to be deployed.


To deploy the box version of Bitrix24, we recommend using the Bitrix Environment – a cost-free environment that is pre-configured, tested, and adapted to optimal operation of Bitrix24.

This product includes a configured operating system, web server, database, firewall, mail server and a large number of pre-sets that affect the reliability, security and performance of the web project with Bitrix24.

Advantages of the Bitrix Environment:
  • Contains all necessary software and setting
  • Easy to install, run and manage
  • The deployed Bitrix24 intranet can be moved to a different machine or server
  • Free
The Bitrix Environment comes in the following versions:
  • VMware Edition
  • MS Hyper-V Edition
  • Environment for Linux (RPM)
  • Amazon EC2 Edition
Details about the contents of each package and the instructions for installing each can be found on the Bitrix Environment for Bitrix24 web page.

The Bitrix Environment saves you time and effort and ensures proper deployment and administration of the self-hosted version of Bitrix24.

However, if you choose to configure your server yourself, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the list of technical requirements of the Bitrix24 self-hosted version.

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