Free appointment scheduling and resource booking in Bitrix24 CRM

Free appointment scheduling and resource booking in Bitrix24 CRM
Oksana Bednenko
May 18, 2018
Last updated: December 16, 2020
We’ve added an ability to schedule appointments and book resources inside Bitrix24 CRM. If you run a service-based business, like a nail salon, a vet clinic or an auto repair shop, you’ll love this new feature.

Here’s what it’s all about. Suppose you are a dog groomer. It takes an hour to do the job, so when a client calls, you tell them about available time slots and book them for a certain date and time. Now you can do that inside Bitrix24 CRM. Awesome, right?

But let’s consider a more complicated scenario. Suppose you have multiple groomers working for you. Now you need to manage schedule and bookings for multiple employees. Yes, Bitrix24 does that too. Now, when a client calls, you can see everyone’s schedule offer multiple choices and book an appointment. Even better, right?

Hold on. You do remember that Bitrix24 CRM comes with sales and marketing automation, don’t you? What this means is that you can automatically send appointment confirmations via email or SMS reminders 1 day or 1 hour before the appointment. Amazing, right?

Yes, there’s more.

Resource booking. Up to this point, the only resource I talked about was someone’s time. But what if your job requires someone’s time AND equipment? Consider auto repair shops. Yes, you have mechanics who do actual work, but for many jobs they need an available box and certain equipment (jacks, balancers, break lathes, etc.). Bitrix24 CRM lets you book those resources as well so that you know when the paint box is available and when it’s not.

You can learn more about this new feature in these two helpdesk articles (1, 2). Should you have any questions or want someone to set the appointments and resource booking for you, don’t hesitate to contact your local Bitrix24 partner.
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